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Advantages & importance of converting PSD to HTML5?

The popularity of online business is increasing each day. This implies that more websites needs to be created as nowadays a website is working like a platform for business. This also creates need for simplification of the whole process of website creation. This simplification has given rise to the popularity of PSD to HTML conversion service.

PSD to HTML is a process that converts a design document into a web layout. PSD is a Photoshop document file which contains the design and this file is later converted into actual HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.

If you are thinking why to convert PSD to HTML5 then continue reading. The PSD to HTML service is gaining popularity as it is one of the best ways to create responsive websites. It has many advantages which eventually bring more visitors on the website. Here we will discuss the main advantages that this whole process brings.


PSD to HTML conversion have become the market standard in web development for quite some time now. No one can underestimate the importance of conversion from PSD to HTML with semantic, W3C validation, cross browser compatibility to represent websites successfully over the internet. HTML5 is the latest and the most advanced markup language in the world and helping the developers and serves as the complete solution for your web development needs.

PSD based designs to markup language conversion are important for the website development. The success of your website depends on the way you convert PSD to HTML. Hence the PSD to HTML conversion process should be done properly.

What is PSD?

PSD is a Photoshop’s file format which is a widely accepted file format. PSD supports all major images modes like Bitmap, RGB, Grayscale etc. PSD allows you to edit the graphics, designs and look and feel of the web design. PSD files are layered with Photoshop. They are graphics file templates. That means you can edit the PSD files using Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop can convert the PSD files into other formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP etc.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML. The HTML5 markup language has some rules which allow placement and format of text, graphics, audio and video on a web page.

Developers use these programming tags or elements to produce web pages in creative ways. Tags like <section>, <article>, <header> enable developer to make a more efficient and intelligent web pages of a website.

Now we will discuss the advantages of converting PSD to HTML5:-

– SEO Friendly Semantic Coding

PSD to HTML5 conversion is completed using semantic coding techniques. The new version i.e. HTML5 has come with new semantic tags which help in making the website search engine friendly. As each element of the website is defined in HTML5 hence it makes it easy for the search engine crawlers to crawl and index them high on the search engines.

– Cross Browser Compatibility

Using the PSD to HTML conversion you can see that the content of the webpages is accessible on all the big browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera etc. This is a very big advantage as it doesn’t matter how good is your website if it cannot be viewed by the all the users using various web browsers. After converting PSD to HTLML5, the web pages will be viewable and readable on every popular web browsers.


– Unique Design

When you convert PSD to HTML5 then you will get unique website which is the main goal of any web developer. Comparatively, unique websites attract more visitors than those website which use default template designs. This will help you to build a brand image of your website and it will boost your business as more customers will be attracted towards your website.

– Fast Loading Speed

Loading speed is one of the most important factors for client satisfaction in the website development process. Converting PSD to HTML5 helps in optimizing the website and decreases the load time of the web pages. It also removes the unnecessary code hence the usability and visibility of the website is also increased. The smaller the code, the faster will be the loading speed. When there are multiple HTTP requests, HTML5 channelizes the speed of linking JavaScript files and CSS files and reduces the load time very much.

– Robust Websites

HTML5 has lots of new features like ability to draw on a 2D, geo-location tool, insertion of audio or video files into web page directly and local storage which make your website robust. As the markup in HTML5 provides easy solution for all of your requirements hence you don’t need to use third party application in HTML5.

– W3C Validated Websites

Websites which we develop using the PSD to HTML5 method follows the latest guidelines and processes of the internet. These websites are W3C validated which helps you to get rid of any errors which might be in your code. This kind of validation also helps you in verifying the whole structure of the websites.

– User Friendliness

PSD to HTML5 process makes your website more interactive which will help in making the website more popular among the users as you can engage them into your website in many ways. This also allows you to collect real time data on the visitor trends and you can work on the analyzed data and take benefit out of it.

Importance of HTML5

As the HTML5 is the later accepted version of the markup language by World Wide Consortium, it is best to use it with latest advancement in web development technology and ensure smooth operation of your website.

In earlier days, having a beautiful design was not enough to have a great website. But now the PSD to HTML5 service removes most of the difficulties on this matter. PSD to HTML conversion is an effective way to transform your Photoshop design file into HTML, CSS and JavaScript code and the cost remains under budget.

This process provides high quality SEO semantic coding, fast response time and creates websites with a web layout which is lightweight and doesn’t contain unnecessary tables. These HTML5 websites offer cross browser support. Here we have discussed some of the benefits which have proved that this method is the best option in HTML5 website development.

Using HTML5 doesn’t mean that the older versions are of no use. It is just that people tend to use the things which are more flexible and convenient. Hence HTML5 will not affect much the PSD to HTML conversion market.


Now we will discuss the importance of designing a website in HTML5. There are many ways a website can be designed using advanced tools, methodologies and advanced designing tools. Professional website designers are switching from non-html technologies like Adobe Flash to newest HTML5 and it well suited to modern web browsers while designing a website. HTML5 has created kind of revolution which was needed by web and it is the future of website development.

HTML has not yet fully adopted it but it is not hard to use or understand. A web designer can get most of its benefits by converting PSD to HTML5. We can follow the perfect guidelines provided by W3C for the development of websites.

Now we will discuss the important reasons to design a website in HTML5:-

-HTML is the Future of website Development

Most people prefer to use HTML5 because it offers to write cleaner code even though all of its other features and benefits are not much used. This is the good thing about HTML5 that you can just start using it and it will not change the way you design.

-Mobile Ready

Mobile devices are used all over the world and rate of growth of mobile devices usage is growing rapidly which means that more and more users will be using their mobile browsers to view your website. HTML5 is already mobile ready for developing mobile websites. As Adobe has announced to stop the development and support for Flash, developers have to use HTML5 to do their mobile web application development work.

-Supported on Major Web Browsers

All major web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera etc support HTML5. HTML5 doctype was created so that all browsers, even the old ones like IE6 can use it without any issue.

-Game Development

Everyone wants a more dynamic website which responds and interacts with the user. You can develop games using HTML5 <canvas> tag. HTML5 provides a great and mobile friendly way to develop interactive games. If you have worked on flash based games earlier then you will definitely love building HTML5 based games.

Some of the advantages of HTML5 includes:-

– cleaner markup
– Additional semantics of new elements like <header>, <nav> and <time>
– Staying ahead in the competition before HTML5 becomes the mainstream markup language. You can use it to create more robust, interactive and user friendly websites which will be liked by your clients.


In conclusion we can say that although PSD to HTML5 conversion process has become very popular but HTML5 is still not for everyone as there are many thing which needs to be learned for becoming expert in HTML5 programming. You can decide how and where to use HTML5 and you can use the right version of HTML which is required for your website development work.



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