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Which WordPress Framework to Choose for Theme Development?

Over all these years, WordPress theme developers have created several schemes and processes to make the development phase less time-consuming and more stable. There are several developers who start by creating an HTML-based template and then build a WordPress code around it.

On the other hand, there are web developers who simply convert HTML To WordPress and customize the code & appearance using the WP’s dashboard. This process not only brings down the development time but also helps in building an error-free code, which WordPress automatically understands. There are several theme frameworks that assist in this process.

What are Theme Frameworks?

It is an infrastructure which offers an easy support and helps in building child themes. That make the usability of WordPress extend to vast horizons. The WP Codex defines this term as:

A “drop-in” code library which can be used to initiate the process of theme development.

A stand-alone base/starter theme that is intended either to be integrated with another template or used to be as a Parent.

If the WP theme framework is used as the parent theme, then all its functions will lean towards it. Developers can create a child theme to tweak the styling and leave everything else to the parent.

Should You Start with WordPress Framework? Or Start everything from Scratch?

It will be good if you start with the Theme Framework, especially while developing a web layout for the WordPress based website. Here are some infrastructures which are widely used in this process:


It is one of the highly recommended tools and offers value for money services. Genesis comes loaded with highly customisable elements for the not-so-expensive price. If you are a professional WP Theme developer then purchasing Genesis will be surely a good deal for you.

Cherry Framework

Cherry is an easy to use tool and developers find it pretty cool. Unlike most of the items on the list, this framework is available for free. And the best thing about Cherry is that it offers almost same features compared to the paid ones.


If you are a non-coding designer, then Headway will be the best for you. It comes with a drag-and-drop feature, which makes the theme development a lot more easier and faster. This gives users the steering wheel through which they can control everything they want to, without getting into the coding part.


The creators of Ultimatum dubbed it as the “total design suite”. This is probably because it allows users to have complete control of their site without even coding. Well, this is a sort of sweeping proclamation, but there are several skilled developers who use this tool for theme development.


At present, the Thesis is serving more than 45,000 web portals which are live on the World Wide Web. In a very less time, Thesis has become one of the best and most talked frameworks in the web market. Recently, the Thesis 2.0 was released and it came loaded with a wide range of fonts, sizes, columns, that can be tweaked as per user requirement.

Summing Up

In this article, you will read about five widely used theme development frameworks which are trusted by millions of designers across the globe. Make sure you hire a talented developer for your project.

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