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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Taxi App like Uber

Mobile apps like Uber have changed the way people travel with convenience and comfort without any complication. When it comes to calculate the development cost of such taxi app, it is dependent on various factors as well as key features which need to be implemented. There are many important parameters along with required time for each area of work which has to be taken into account. And this, it has to be calculated at an initial stage of development. For any mobile app development company, this initial developmental stage plays a key role.

Mention below explains the average time of developers that is required to develop such an app along with cost involved.

First of all, maps and location issue need to be addressed. The GPS tracking technology is used to find the current location in order to find cars. It is also used to track the route. Based on this, the exact journey tracking is calculated to provide the fare estimation. In order to pin the location of the user on the map along with tracking the car movement as well as allowing the driver with GPS direction, Google Map is considered to be the best available option for your taxi app. It takes nearly 140 hours for taxi app development to integrate the routing as well as geolocation.

Next, comes the payment part. The inbuilt payments allow the user to buy right from the app. It helps in saving a lot of time and helps in delivering the application, a great usability characteristic. The present technologies provide transactions between the stakeholders of the app along with the security of the transaction. In order to store as well as process the credit card data, the development company needs to fit all the requirements which is called the PCI compliance. There are few payment gateways provides such as Braintree which helps in setting safe and convenient payment methods. Braintree utilizes PayPal which provides the ability to split the fare between few passengers. Google Wallet and Apple Pay mechanisms are also present, but they are confined to the US only. Payment integration takes a lot of time and effort which drives the cost. One can utilize Uber clone script to do the same.


Taxi App Development

Taxi App Development

Then comes the log in and profiles where the authorization is necessary for various reasons such as online payments. It is also required to give the options of ratings as well as to make the reviews more personalized. It helps in improving the customer loyalty and hence increases the retention of the customer. The best way is to log through popular social networks like Facebook. Email, as well as phone number, can also be used to log in. It is important to ensure that authentication is done only once during the application log in for the first time.

When it comes to developing the Minimal Viable Product, push notification is more than enough in setting the connection between supply and demand. For next project evolution stage, the developers need to implement the SMS notifications option. It is also possible to create an in-built messenger which allows the driver to chat with the passenger through the taxi app. However, this step will require quite a long time for the developer, driving up the cost. So it is better to implement this aspect once the project has been launched and assembling is done gather an initial number of loyal users. It is better to use taxi app Uber script to create an MVP.

Considering all the mandatory time, one can easily calculate the mean cost which is required to develop a taxi app.  For a typical app development company, it starts at $30-35K which also includes Passenger as well as Driver apps. All this for one OS and admin dashboard.

The passenger app takes 33% of the development cost while driver app takes 14%. Admin dashboard constitutes of 14% of the developmental cost while bug fixing and management take 39%.

In order to estimate the project cost and to hire any team of taxi app developers, one must need to chalk out various details first such as verifying the business model along with the market demand for a new Uber-like platform. It is essential to know the number of stakeholders. The features which are required as well as a number of platforms should be judged beforehand.

One must not try to inculcate the features as well as sophisticated technological solutions. It is important to fit your requirements first in order to achieve the business goals. It is often endorsed that MVP should be built which can lead to saving up to 30% of costs as well as time.


Developing an app like Uber is a time-intensive task. It requires taking care of various aspects of communication, mapping and location along with payments. The cost related to different apps for customers and driver along with admin dashboard and bug fixing should be taken into account. Then only, the company should embark on the journey of creating an app like Uber.

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