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Amazing Web Design Development Trends Worth Knowing for 2017

In this modern time, the people are more inclined to browse the internet on mobile devices rather than desktop. This makes screen space requires constant innovation for better user experience. There are various methods which free up the screen like hiding features and collapsing menus. This makes the user to engage with images or videos with a better experience. It also makes the screen sleeker with a minimalist design which enables the user to focus on the on-screen information easier. Web design services have been implementing these changes in their web designs.

Web Design Services

Web Design Services


Hidden navigation leads to the improvisation of the UX of the devices which have larger screens. Against common notion, a navigation menu that collapses actually makes navigation better. This allows the user to focus on one particular instance at a moment. By opening the required menu, the user’s central focus is taken over the remaining of the site.

A better web design conserves screen space. It puts special emphasis on the navigation. With the implementation of minimalist design, it makes it easier for the user to concentrate. An improved web design also improves the appearance of the first screen. To create a good web design, the companies have to hire web designer who has up to date knowledge of recent web design trends.

There are many amazing web design trends that are emerging in 2017 which are worth noting for all web design services. Some of them are following


  1. Just like mobile browsing assisted in influencing the desktop design, wearables are also making an impression on web design too. With millions of wearable sold in previous years, the users are now appreciating a streamlined and seamless style of the user interface on their devices. Since wastage of screen space shouldn’t happen on wearables, its minimalist design principle is influencing the browsing experience on other devices by making them faster and with less effort. It provides streamlined user experience and helps in avoiding confusions and distractions. The minimalist design also reduces the loading time.


  1. Split screens are now a vital aspect of web design. It is like opening the website with two different and self-contained cards. Split screen allows the web designers to implement content diversity. One half may contain attractive image while the other half may contain a navigation menu. This layout helps in creating a pleasant appearance with visual clarity which provides a soothing user experience. Split screens add extra visual depth to two different categories of content while avoiding the chance of overwhelming the users with too much data. It assists in communicating a better connection between two separate types of content. It also creates an attractive, dynamic and rich-quality first screen.
  2. If we look at the emerging trends of 2017, there is a definite presence of various elements of virtual reality. They are already making their way in the modern web design. The clients now prefer their websites to be optimized according to emerging technologies such as virtual reality and demand its features in their website design, from their website development company. However, these websites don’t really require virtual reality devices to recreate its spell-bounding, rich-quality, and immersive elements, but it is definitely becoming a recent trend in the web design. The screens of mobile devices, as well as desktops, are now being transformed in such a way that they can provide the benefits of virtual reality. VR inspired web design provides the engaging user experience. It gives a futuristic look to the websites. It makes the website visually attractive and impressive. It also provides an intuitive, innovative and realistic interface.



Modern mobile devices are now providing a rich experience to the users with their inherent new functions and features. They have offered a new way of viewing and browsing the internet. In order to live up to the today’s customers’ expectations, the web designs have to evolve too. There are many changes that are occurring in website design which are leading the forefront of modern architecture of websites. Any website design company has to adjust to these changes. Wearables have brought an unexpected change in the way websites are designed. Its minimalistic design requirement to provide more information on the small screen with priority has been seeping into modern web designs. Split screens provide a new way of displaying the information to the users without overwhelming them with a whole lot of information. It helps in creating a rich-quality first screen. Modern technologies such as virtual reality are also influencing the website designs of today. The clients now want their websites to have great user experience which virtual reality provides. They want a realistic interface which makes their website more appealing.

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