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Popularity of Mobile Apps with Business Owners and Consumers

App and mobile devices have become the focal point in IT businesses. With the upsurge of usage of multiple mobile devices and wearable devices, it has resulted in new mobile app development architecture and technology. Statistics show that smartphone adoption in emerging markets should see mobile app store downloads, double in the near future. As the number of smartphone owners increase so does the popularity of mobile apps. Whether good or bad, it makes us crave for technology, which in-turn helps us to speed up our activities.

Next generation is all about working on mobile apps only. They love to browse the web and do shopping through online applications as mobile devices today have become the primary internet source. An average smartphone user downloads 3 apps per month and apps make up 50% of the internet traffic. A whopping 80% of consumers use smartphones for shopping as shoppers believe that they get a better deal online than in the store.


Business owners are becoming knowledgeable about the marketing powers of a well-designed, native app. Apps provide simplified online purchase and easy-to-access information, the benefits are just undeniable which is why business owners are developing mobile apps to stay competitive. The app is a necessity for B2B business in order to simplify a consumer’s journey from product browsing to the checkout process.

Apps serve many functions like providing general information, prices, booking forms, search features, user accounts, messengers and more. Irrespective of whether you are selling flowers or providing spa services, your customers need a way to reach you. But these days you will notice that every business you interact with, in your everyday life have their own dedicated mobile app, be it the coffee shop at the street corner or a restaurant at downtown. These companies are ahead of their competitors when it comes to taking their business to a next level.

The immense popularity enjoyed by mobile applications, business owners are investing huge sum of money in mobile app development. Developing a fully functional mobile app is highly beneficial but one needs to understand the requirement clearly before designing.

Today mobile app is a new tool that businesses can use to engage with customers in a variety of ways providing information as a customer relations management tool and also to build a brand. Improving customer service is the top priority for enterprises building mobile apps today for different sized businesses. Mobile applications are also a powerful way for brands to build a deeper customer relationship. In other word, the app helps to make the company visible to their customers. Improve customer experience, drive higher ratings and increase customer retention through mobility. Mobile apps indirectly help to build customer loyalty by increasing customer satisfaction. It is a powerful way for brands to build deeper relationships with their customers thus increasing the company image.

Initially mobile apps were offered as productive and informative retrieval tools like calendars, emails and weather information. The market has rapidly expanded due to public demand and availability of development tools in the form of apps. Today some of the most popular app categories include education, entertainment and gaming. Recently mobile messenger apps have experienced a surge in popularity like WhatsApp has become a cheaper alternative to SMSs.

We know that the first place that a customer goes to search a product or service is online. If the business is available online and users have an app to download, then the business will make a real good impact on their customer.

A highly prospective business will try its best to reach out to maximum number of customers. With fast-paced tech innovations making a special place amongst customers, a stunning and intuitive business app will further strengthen the business’s growth prospects. As more businesses adopt mobile apps, the demand for their services will also grow. The development of new smart products such as wearable technology and virtual reality will compound it further!

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