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Companies can't buy their way to the top; they have to earn their way to the top.

We take the rankings on extremely seriously. Our algorithm is standardized such that it automatically determines the rankings of the companies based on their achievements and reviews. Simply put, there is no favoritism on

Review Strength
  • Number of Reviews

    The algorithm takes into consideration the total number of reviews a company has received.

    Our Thought Process: Our rankings can be far more useful to our visitors as we garner more reviews. The additional referentials allow the algorithm to be more accurate on a companies standing.

  • Average Rating

    The algorithm measures the average star rating a company receives based on user reviews.

    Our Thought Process: Although intuitive, it is important to note the power of averages. The average star ratings from the "crowd" gives our visitors a more comprehensive picture on a company.

  • Real Experiences

    The algorithm places more emphasis on reviews left by real LinkedIn connected reviewers.

    Our Thought Process: Anonymous reviews should hold less value than reviews that are tied to identities. Reviews connected with legitimate LinkedIn account holders with referential experience hold more value.

  • Reviewer Quality

    The algorithm gives more weight to client reviews than employee reviews. Reviews that fail to classify the relationship hold the least value.

    Our Thought Process: Clients pay the bills. We give more weightage to individuals who have put their money where their mouth is. Employee reviews also hold some value as they may offer internal views.

  • Insightful

    The algorithm gives more weightage to reviews that relay a deep understanding of the experience and or of use to other readers.

    Our Thought Process: A simple statement "Company XYZ sucks" holds some value, however, a review that further explains as to why it is that Company XYZ sucks holds far more usage and insight.

  • Relevance

    Most companies offer multiple services and solutions. The algorithm takes into consideration which solution the reviews are referring to.

    Our Thought Process: If a company offering multiple services and solutions recieves reviews, those reviews should only impact the rankings of those categories that the review references.

  • Type of Reviews

    The algorithm measures the ratio of textual reviews versus the video reviews left on a provider.

    Our Thought Process: Our visitors get better referentials when they can watch and read reviews. A company that can attract an equal number of textual reviews and video reviews is maintaining an ideal ratio.

  • Age of Reviews

    The algorithm calculates the average age of the reviews; favoring newer reviews over older reviews.

    Our Thought Process: A company can certainly improve or decline their performance over time. What reviewers claim five years ago should hold less value in comparison to more recent claims.

Sentiment Strength
  • Website Metrics

    The algorithm uses factors such as quantity and quality of links to determine the strength of a company website.

    Our Thought Process: Great businesses have embraced the online world. Our algorithm incorporates tools which have been worked on for over a decade, to replicate the same signals Google uses to determine the importance of a website.

  • Brand Metrics

    The algorithm checks for offline usage of brand and domain name in the news, media, and social outlets.

    Our Thought Process: Not every review on a business resides on To give our visitors a comprehensive view of a company, we included the sentiment of mentions of a company even outside of

Engagement Strength
  • Profile Engagement

    The algorithm measures the effort a business takes in engaging and using the capabilities of their company profile page to inform our visitors.

    Our Thought Process: Businesses that embrace the capabilities of their profile page (respond to questions and respond to negative reviews) provide more value to our visitors and should be rewarded.

  • Review Engagement

    The algorithm credits additional points to companies that are engaged and invested in trying to generate reviews on their company profile page.

    Our Thought Process: Reviews enable smarter purchasing decisions. A company that uses the badge to generate reviews and signs up for the Customer Outreach program is embracing transparency and reviews.

  • Contributor Program

    The algorithm determines if a company engages in contributing thought provoking, insightful content in our blog for the benefit of our visitors.

    Our Thought Process: Information is power. Most of our visitors take a purchasing decision very seriously. A company that embraces contributions to our blog by providing exclusive, valuable, and trendy content is awarded.

Verified Status wants to make sure the data presented to its visitors is complete and accurate. We give a substantial advantage to those willing to be transparent and honest about their credentials.

  • Quick Verification From CPA, CFP, CFA, CMA or an Attorney

    In order for company key facts to be verified, we request companies to submit the Company Key Facts Certification Form.

    Simply fill out the form and have a certified public accountant, chartered financial analyst, certified management accountant, or attorney sign the form attesting to the complete accuracy of the information. The certifier may work at the applicant firm or be independent, as long as the certifier is a licensed professional with credentials that are current and in good standing.

Profile Strength
  • Profile Key Facts

    The algorithm takes into consideration whether a profile has its fields completed or not.

  • Email Address
  • Website URL
  • Phone Number
  • Physical Address
  • Corporate Key Facts
  • Management Team
  • Major Clients
  • Core Categories
  • Secondary Categories
  • Corporate Description
  • Content Submission
  • Profile Claimed

    The algorithm takes into consideration whether or not the company has claimed their service or software profile.

    Our Thought Process: Kudos to companies that claim their profile. Claimed profiles offer additional accuracy and portray a sense of ownership and seriousness to our website visitors.

  • Minimum Reviews Requirement

    The algorithm only determines a profile completed once it has achieved a minimum of five reviews.

    Our Thought Process: A company has to have a minimum of 3 textual reviews that are connected to a LinkedIn account and a minimum of 2 video reviews before this requirement is met.


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