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Reasons for Needing a Professional Genesis Coder for Converting PSD Design to WordPress

So many people are searching for professional Genesis coder to convert their PSD design into WordPress by using Genesis framework. WordPress right now holds 26% in the internet market of websites and Genesis is its most popular framework which is used by developers all around the world. If you want to convert your PSD to WordPress using Genesis Framework then you have two choices.

Either you search for some tutorials and ebooks and learn this art of converting PSD to WordPress or else you can search for some professionals which are expert in this field. If you will hire some professionals then they will charge you certain fees but will be able to provide you desired website.

If you want to try yourself then you have to read so many tutorials to find that it is not so easy to learn how to convert PSD design to WordPress using Genesis framework as these tutorial give you a general idea about the process and don’t give you the practical details. Hence using only tutorial it will not be possible for you to complete the task of PSD to WordPress conversion.

Some of the technical things which you need to learn to convert PSD design to WordPress using Genesis framework are:-

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress
  • Genesis Framework

Hence it is a professional and expert job to do PSD to WordPress conversion.

Now lets discuss the various steps needed for conversion of PSD to WordPress. First step is the slicing of the PSD file for which you must be expert in Photoshop. Next step is to create the HTML markup file for which you need the knowledge of HTML5. Also you should know all about the HTML tags, semantic markup and microdata so that your content on the website is indexed by the search engines easily. You also need the knowldege of CSS, JavaScript and jQuery in the next step of designing. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS will not suffice. In next step you need to have the indepth knowledge of PHP, WordPress and Genesis Framework. You also need the knowledge of hooks and filter in WordPress. After that you must know the template tags, conditional tags and template hierarchy. You should also learn about how to create theme in WordPress, what are the use of functions.php and style.css. Also you should know How to work under Genesis Framework? WordPress is coded in PHP hence you should be master in PHP in order to work in WordPress. These were some of the things which you must master for simple PSD to WordPress conversion.

Also you should learn about how to write code in standard style. You have to follow W3C guidelines while writing the code so that your code can run on all the browsers. If you know search engine optimization (SEO) then you can work in the direction of improving the ranking of your website in search engines.

Also you have to do a lot of testing of your website and for that you need to know website performance, user experience, loading time and caching.

We have just illustrated that what are the things you need to master if you yourself want to convert the PSD design to WordPress using Genesis theme. Hence it is better to hire a professional WordPress Genesis developer who can accomplish this task for you. An expert developer will complete this task with quality and your website will have the required features and functionality which will help you in your business.

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