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Virtues Of PHP: Better Than Python Or Not?

Most of the businesses want to have an online presence. They require it to reach out to more audience. They want more people to know about their product and services. So, web development becomes an essential part of business strategy. It is important to have a good web development process which delivers a high-performance solution.

Both PHP and Python are among the most famous programming languages which are used for web development. Both of these languages have their own features and functionalities. However, they also have some limitations too.  Many of the PHP web development services rely on PHP for web development. However, there is a certain section of programmers and developers that prefer Python. The reasons are many which will be discussed below. Python does offer numerous benefits when it comes to being a potent programming language. Opting for Python when it comes to web development instead of PHP is tough decision to make. There are numerous reasons which should be highlighted to convince a developer to pick Python for web development. Over the years Python web development has picked up the pace. In this article, we will discuss the inherent difference between both programming languages and try to discover. We will try to determine which programming language suits web development according to today’s requirements.

  1. PHP is quite easy to learn, and its ease of usage is quite simple. But when it comes to longer-term commitment, Python is a great option. As a developer, one should pick the programming language from which he can reap the maximum benefits in the long term. PHP is has a short learning curve, it is quite easy to get started with it. Within a short span of time, you can easily get acquainted and master the PHP and become more productive. In case you are an experienced developer, then you should consider about future of a particular language. You should start working on language with which you can establish a robust relationship. You should be able to take maximum advantage of it. Here, Python does score some points.
  2. Even though PHP can be used easily, but it isn’t an elegant language. Still, a developer with immense knowledge of creating software application can create good software using PHP. But PHP does have some limitations. It has some idiosyncrasies which are quite peculiar. From the viewpoint of a developer, Python has many things right for being a good programming language. It is designed in a better fashion. PHP application development can be a tedious task. While development in Python can be quite easy.
  3. When it comes to readability, PHP is quite hard to understand. It follows a classic approach. It is well documented which in turns make it hard to read. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult for the developer to read the code as it can be little overwhelming. However, in case of Python, it uses an indentation enforcement. This allows it be a more readable programming language. So, when a developer has to pick a language for its readability, Python is a better choice.
  4. In general, PHP is a good programming language for web page development. In case of web development, PHP is wonderful language as it comes with multiple functions and functionalities. However, when it comes to general purpose, Python is preferred over PHP. If you wish to carry out web development using Python, you have to select a simple web framework. This framework should provide all the required functionalities which you require.
  5. Talking of syntax, it is easier to write code in Python. When it comes to elegance, Python is a great programming language. This is one aspect where Python score way above PHP. So, if you decide to hire PHP developer, make sure he is comfortable with complex PHP codes.
  6. When it comes to developing real-world applications, PHP is better than python. Social media behemoth Facebook is built on PHP. Most of the popular web platforms are developed on PHP. Python offers limited options if you are looking for websites with comprehensive features and functionalities.
  7. When it comes to hosting, Python hosting is quite hard to find. It is also quite expensive. However, in the case of PHP hosting, it is present everywhere.



Both PHP and Python are wonderful languages when it comes to web development. They have great features and functionalities. There are inherent differences between them. When it comes to a learning curve, PHP is easier to learn than Python. Readability of Python is better than PHP but if depends on the developer who has to deal with the programming issues. PHP allows to create great websites such as Facebook. Considering these factors, PHP is a better choice than Python.

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