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Droxic Spring Updates 2022

The last couple of months were quite eventful for us – the sun is shining bright and we work very hard.


Behind the Droxic scenes

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Ever since we exist Droxic had the chance to support clients across industries and the globe. In the next three paragraphs, we will list several projects that we had the pleasure to work on in 2022 so far:

One of the key projects in 2022 aims to support one of the top-notch German automotive brands’ financial and mobility providers. Droxic helped in developing an intuitive and user-friendly website, including multimedia and video streaming as a part of the successful front-end integration.

Another interesting 2022 Droxic project focused on developing a web application for a leading web-mail client to ease email use securely for both businesses and individuals on any device. We managed to achieve great milestones and improvements, such as discussion threads, full-text search, push notifications and many more.

Last, but not least we provided content stack architecture transformation and mechanisms for getting data through a JavaScript API for an innovative engagement company that offers brand solutions. Although the project was 3-month long we managed to develop the key functionalities, such as data and revalidation mechanisms, which led to great results.

Of course, these are just part of the exciting news around us, but we will try to tell you more in the next months and articles. Stay tuned and please contact us at [email protected] for any questions that you might have.


What’s new in our Droxic social media accounts?

With our team-building approaching and many other funny and exciting activities, Droxic needed some more presence on different video platforms. Now Droxic is not only on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but we have also started our own YouTube and TikTok channels – do not forget to subscribe and follow us there. We promise that we will not spam you a lot but share valuable and insightful information about our Droxic family, clients and projects.


Funny Droxic Highlights

If you have missed that Lora, our Head of HR and Recruitment, invited her dogs to become our new HR assistants in the office. And the dogs hired … a lot of social media likes and happiness. See you soon! 



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