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How to Make PSD to HTML Conversion Process Simple?

If you want an online presence of your website then you should make sure that your website is attractive and user friendly. The aim of converting PSD to HTML is that your website will look professional with a consistent design. Such a professional website will attract lots of people and potential customers and will definitely increase the conversion rate. It involves lots of technical skills and time to convert PSD file into HTML. You can hire expert professionals offering PSD to HTML conversion services. If you yourself want to do this process of converting PSD to HTML then here we are giving you some tips which will make this conversion process simple for you to follow.

Create a website which works well on all web browsers

When you will convert PSD to HTML then the website you will get will be a responsive one and it will work well on all popular browsers and platforms. Your site should work well on web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. As markup code will be hand coded hence your website will load much faster and it will give the visitors a thrilling browsing experience.


Professionally organize all of your files including PSD files

When you will create PSD file from Adobe Photoshop then you will find that Photoshop have many files including photos, fonts, background and PSD files. You should keep all of these files in an organized manner in different folders. If your PSD files are well organized then it will reduce the time and effort required during the PSD to HTML conversion process as it will be easier to find the required files in specific folders.

Select and design the website layout

You have to plan and select the website layout before you start the PSD to HTML conversion process. You have following options to choose from:-

  • Responsive
  • Fixed
  • Mobile
  • Fluid Web Layout

If you are targeting mobile devices then you should select the responsive layout as it will enable your final website to work on all types of different screens and sizes. Mobile layout is a design which is specific for smartphones and tablets. Fixed layout is useful for desktop designs as it has static and fixed width and height. Fluid web layout is for desktops and mobile devices as its elements can shift when the browser is minimized or maximized.

Use Semantic coding to take SEO into consideration while writing code

If you write semantic coding then it will be SEO friendly and it will be highly visible to search engines when they will be used during the PSD to HTML conversion process. The search engines works by crawling the web pages and rank higher those pages which are rich in content and have specific texts in the HTML code. Hence if you want your website to rank higher on the search results by search engines, then you should use semantic coding when you will convert your PSD file to HTML.

Write code yourself instead of auto generated code

There are many tools available on internet which can convert the PSD image file into HTML file but you should make sure that you write the code yourself for your website when you will be converting PSD image file into HTML. This is because the auto generated codes are found to have errors and also it can generate unnecessary codes. If you will write code for your website yourself then there will not be any error and it will also remove the unnecessary code which will make your website pages load faster and quicker.

When doing slicing of PSD file make sure it is of high quality

When you will be doing the step of slicing of your PSD file then you will get smaller components like footers, banner and logos. Make sure they are of high quality as this will improve the features and functionality of the website and will be highly useful and attractive to the visitor of your site as it will have amazing features and looks.

We have just discussed the few steps which you should make sure to follow in order to make the process of converting PSD file to HTML much easier and well structured. If you yourself is not ready to follow these steps or don’t know all of the steps required in converting the PSD to HTML then you must hire professional PSD to HTML conversion company. Check their experience, portfolio and pricing policy before finalizing. They will take less time and will deliver quality final website.



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