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Whether you are a Startup or a Small Business, Developing a Mobile App is Must

As a startup or a small business owner if you thought that mobile apps were merely for big names of the market like- Amazon, Uber, etc then surely you need to think again. The mobile app development companies build quality apps for all which are scalable, robust and provide a brilliant user experience. You may even think that having a good website with great responsive feature would give customers a delightful experience. So why invest in a mobile app? If you develop a mobile app for your business, it will take your user experience to the next level and you’ll get to know, what exactly your user want from you. Especially for startups, small and medium- size businesses – the precise blend of content, mobile devices, functionality, and navigation through apps can boost customer engagement and bring their business to the limelight. Today mobile app development companies offer robust solutions at competitive prices. These mobile app development companies can help you integrate a multitude of features and services into your app. Mobile devices are totally transforming the way people live, communicate and work. Whether it is searching for information, booking tickets, buying fashion, or whatever else, people are turning to their cell phone to execute these tasks. Thus mobile app development companies cater to a huge and diverse user base, ranging from corporate giants to small businesses/startups – delivering cutting-edge apps.

By 2018, the count smartphones are projected to reach is 2.56 million or a third of the human population. More than a third of the US working population is employed at businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

However, still, 45% of businesses don’t have a mobile app as per the report from Adobe. On top of that, about 21% have both a mobile app as well as a responsive website, whereas only 7% have a mobile app only. So, whether you are a startup or own a small, medium or an enterprise, it is essential to understand that a traditional website alone, no longer certifies an extensive customer potential. Mobile presence has become necessary for every business to ace the digital rat race and take your business to the next level rapidly and easily. The mobile app development companies from New York are fully aware of the needs of the customer’s choices and this way they can actually find the customized needs of the customers in the long run. Businesses develop a mobile app based on their users, which primarily include iPhone app development, Android app development, and Windows app development. However, not all small businesses or startup are convinced with the potential that mobile apps offer. We understand many small businesses owners still believe that mobile apps are just meant for large players. In reality, mobile app development companies provide a good beginning to startups and small businesses, as there is much more room for growth within the mobile application industry.

Developing a Mobile App is Must - Keyideas Infotech New York

Why Startups and Small Business Should Develop a Mobile App?

The apps help startup and small businesses to go global and showcase their products to worldwide consumers. The organizations also find that their sales, revenues, and productivity have drastically increased after the introduction of apps. Mobile applications are no longer considered a luxury, it has become an essentiality. There are mobile apps available for everything like shopping, booking tickets, gaming, billing payment and money transfer. But it does not mean that every business needs to have a mobile app. If you are running a retail business, launching a mobile app for your business could be beneficial to increase sales. However, if you are running a consulting business, a collaborative tool would be a better option rather than an app. The affordability and fast software development growth has streamlined the app development procedure and has encouraged more small businesses and startups to create a fully-functional application. Today’s mobile app development companies in New York have experience in working with practically every mobile platform, providing complex customized mobile app solutions. There are several mobile app development companies who are into this complex world of app creation, development and execution. However, apps are not just for commercial business. Push Notifications can be used to put your mobile in front of the smartphone owners. Apps can be used for any type of activities: booking systems, file uploads, providing information, login exercises, showing videos and so much more.

How Startup and Small Businesses are Benefitting from Mobile Apps?

Here are four reasons why investigating in a mobile app might be the best thing you can do for your business – primarily boost your business.

1. Engage with Your Customers

Mobile apps give businesses the opportunity to interact with customers in real time, providing valuable information through user profiles. Effective business apps produce an engaged customer, which usually translates into a paying customer. For instance, a Wells Fargo mobile app allows users to photograph a check to deposit funds into their account. Should the user need an ATM, the app can inform users of the nearest machines.

2. Promote your Products and Services

An app can make your startup business stand out, which will help you build relations with your customers. Apart from promoting your brand, the app can help you feature products and services to drive sales. This is possible as mobile app development companies deliver cost-effective development solutions on time and they are also well proficient in cutting-edge technologies.

3. Maximize ROI

You may have a concern, about whether you can afford a mobile business app. But the average expense of building a high-tech app is less than the business’s revenue it would earn. This is only possible as mobile app development companies aim to squeeze performance out of technology.

4. Expand your Customer Base

Stats show that companies that do not offer mobile apps and responsive design sites appeal to the mobile medium could quickly become obsolete in such a market. Mobile apps that are integrated with social media, can reach a younger demographic that might otherwise never encounter your business. Mobile app development companies follow strict standards and handle the creation of your app, and you can focus more on marketing the app.

The Bottom Line

You need to think of all of the above-mentioned points, before going ahead to develop a mobile app for your business. Go ahead with it only if you are convinced that your mobile app has enough potential to succeed in the market and that it will indeed pull in the maximum number of customers to your business. Besides, mobile app development companies offer a full spectrum of security solutions for startup and small businesses that help minimizes risk. Technology today makes things we thought impossible a couple of years ago a reality. This means that you can answer all your emails on the train, and make a conference call when driving in a car. There is no denying that in 2017 we are living in a mobile world – where users spend more time on smartphones than they do on desktops. Even if your B2B customers are primarily desktop users, a mobile app can be a huge boon to your business. Many business owners in New York are in the process of recognizing the huge potential benefits of mobile applications in terms of boosting productivity, efficiency, competitive edge and user experience. Today startup and small businesses know that to bring their business to the forefront they have to take full advantage of mobile applications. Time has truly changed and it is imperative for any business to quickly adapt the latest technological developments.

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