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Go Paperless and On Vacation


The great American dream – owning your own business. Growing a successful business can be extremely gratifying, even though the climb is likely to be full of blood, sweat, and tears. Your daily emotions probably toggle between happiness and exhaustion, stress and pure thrill, despair and exhilaration – all within hours sometimes! If you are like most small business owners, you may be working alone or with a very small staff. The cold, hard fact is your business relies on you to operate.


When someone mentions going on vacation, you laugh at the thought.  How could you possibly even consider it? Well, it is finally time to get away, not just to cloud nine – but an actual, relaxing vacation. Yes, you are self-employed, but your business will not fall apart if you take some time off. Implement a document management solution and freedom to escape is just one of the many benefits you can experience. Once you’ve gone paperless, you’ll have more flexibility for vacation.

How does keeping your business running smoother anytime, anywhere, while creating happier customers (and more of them) sound to you? With document management software, this dream can be a reality.


First things first, you need to choose a cloud paperless solution. Imagine yourself soaking in the sun and sipping a cold drink when suddenly a business issue arises and you are able to hop online and within seconds work with your staff or client to fix it. Sitting on the beach with your mobile device will be just as if you were sitting right in your office. You can easily access customer records, invoices, tax returns, agreements, etc. You can store emails, PDFs, images, and audio/video files. Think of your document management software as the most organized and efficient storage room ever – one that comes with a virtual assistant who locates and delivers what you need in seconds. With alerts, document retention, digital signatures, workflow and integrations with the most popular business software solutions, digital files become easier to manage.


Another great feature to seek when selecting the right document management software solution for your business is a secure web portal. This portal will serve as a great way to free you from the office but continue to exchange sensitive information with your customers. Imagine a situation where your customers can access, upload and manage their own files in connection with you. It saves not just time but paper too. The customers won’t have to wait to receive their information in the mail or by fax, and you don’t have to personally fulfill the task when you return – it’s done! Your customers are happy because their needs are being met. They have all their personal account information at their fingertips, and that easy access makes them feel important and cared for. They are your priority, and you’ve made them feel that way. In the process, you are happy because you’ve made yourself a priority and earned lots of well-deserved vacation time.


But, you may be thinking, how could I afford a vacation? Electronic records remove the need for more expensive commercial real estate, paper, ink, files, cabinets, and more. Security is always an issue with physical files as well. Retrieving information means wasted labor, not to mention the costs related to the many documents lost through misfiling. For compliance reasons, many businesses also need to keep their files for years which can equate to off-site storage rooms and warehouses teeming with boxes of paper. Going digital solves many problems for you, your business, and your customers. Everything will be backed up and secure, so both you and your customers are protected. Add the cost savings to the ability to service more customers with your newly freed time, and you’ll quickly see the dollars adding up in your favor, especially for the vacation.


We understand your small business is your baby.  We don’t blame you for your hesitation to leave it in the hands of others. However, if you refuse to take time off and recharge, your business built on the friendly service you personally deliver will be taken down by a tired and uninspired owner.

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Didn’t you start your business to make money and have more freedom? Becoming a slave to your work is defeating your goals. Get your document management software up and running and get out of town.

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