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Is Hybrid Mobile App Development a Good Approach to the Apps World?

With the wide range of app platforms available in the market today, many companies are confused which one to opt that will meet their business requirements. Choosing the right platform for creating the mobile app is an essential part of the development process. Developing a mobile app for the growth of a business can be done in three different aspects namely native, web and hybrid app. Let’s learn about these types and the reason behind the increasing trend of using hybrid mobile apps.

Difference between Native, Web & Hybrid Apps

For the growth of any business, customers play a huge role and apps act as a medium in reaching towards them. While the business owners approach the Development Company, a team of skilled developers will discuss with them in order to choose a platform as per their demands & needs. However, before that the types of mobile apps needs to be understood, which is stated below:

1. Native Apps

They are the apps that reside on the mobile devices and accessed through app icons on the mobile home screens. They are installed from the App store (Google Play or Apple’s App Store) and can use various inbuilt device functions such as Camera, GPS, messaging system, etc.

2. Web Apps

These apps are not the real applications but the websites that appear like native apps. It runs on the browser and is compatible with all mobile devices & operating systems. However, they are not able to offer great user experience due to its limitations.

3. Hybrid Apps

These apps are the combination of web-based & native apps that inherit the functionalities from both web-based apps and native apps. Similar to native apps, they are available in the app store and they also rely on HTML provided in the browser like web apps. They are not only economical but also takes less time to develop.

Pros of using Hybrid Apps

The main goal of any business owner is not only to get profit through the developed app but also to give complete customer satisfaction. That is why hybrid mobile app development is the best way to grab both the benefits of web apps and native apps. Here are some of the plus points of using hybrid apps:

App Integration

Another advantage of the hybrid app is that it will use the programming system of every mobile device keeping it synchronize with other mobile apps through wrapper/overlay. This feature allows the user to make use of inbuilt features on mobile devices and gives smoother experience to them.

User Experience

In order to retain the customers that are using the app, making the user experience smooth and free from issues is necessary. The hybrid app provides the benefits to users by making them experience the functionalities of their mobile devices. The unique system of user experience fixes the app on all platforms using a single update and remains unchanged even after user switches from one device to another.

Offline Access

Though net access is easily available, there are situations when we cannot get fast internet service. That is when usage of hybrid mobile app proves to be the best choice. These apps use the device’s API to save some data offline making users access it anywhere without internet connectivity.

Low-Cost Solution

Hybrid Apps can be developed without much budget and it delivers a high quality solution with less development time. Once the app is developed, it will be used for multiple platforms saving your time as well as cost.

Easy Maintenance

The hybrid apps are very easy to maintain, as they are supported by multiple framework like KendoUI, Ionic, JQuery mobile, etc. Most of the Mobile Application Development Company believes that choosing the right framework is very important while developing the hybrid apps.

Cons of using Hybrid Apps

The hybrid app provides many advantages but it also has some limitations that we will discuss in this section. They are:

Limited Animation Support

Though hybrid app supports animation within the app, it only supports up to some extent. If you are looking for full-fledged integration of animation within the app, a hybrid app may not be the best option.

Not so effective debugging tools

The hybrid app does not support reliable development tools to fix or debug the errors, which is why developers take long time to troubleshoot them. While native apps development process provides better tools to test & debug making it easy to resolve matter very quickly.

Well, we can see that hybrid mobile app development provides more advantages than the limitations. Before choosing the platform for developing the app, choosing a right App Development Company is a must. At Clavax, we offer the best web and mobile development services to our clients all over the world at an affordable cost. To discuss any of your upcoming projects, get in touch with our team and we assure you to bring your ideas into reality.

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