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How to Create an Android/iOS Chat Application for Your Business ?

Chat apps are the new age conversation tools which have grown leaps and bounds from being just used for personal conversations. Moreover, at an enterprise level, the use cases and necessities are more complex and these demands have helped chat apps discover their full potential.

To build a chat app for business has become a necessity as teams need a collaborative tool that can help them connect to peers anywhere, anytime.

Here are some of the convincing reasons that makes chat app development a must one for

An exclusive, centralized collaborative tool where hierarchies fly over the roof and communication happens at its best.

1. Teams can stay connected to discuss, brainstorm and conduct meetings.

2. File sharing is as easy as drag and drop. No more threaded emails and inbox checking.

3. One-to-one connectivity for sharing confidential information with heightened security provisions like encryption, self-destructive messages and more.

4. Communicate with overseas teams via voice call, messages, video calls at zero expense.

5. Task delegation, follow ups, updates happen easily within a team.

How to build an Android/iOs chat app?

The concerns here are the essentials that need to be focussed to create an Android or iOS chat application. Once you get to know the areas in which the Android / iOS chat app you are going to build must be sound enough, your development team will take care of the rest.

High scalability: Cloud

Chat conversation between millions of nodes and multimedia file sharing, document sharing and more happens in a chat app. So, it has got to be adaptively scalable to take on any sudden increase in requirements. In short, a cloud-hosted chat app could be great.

Security: HMAC / End-to-End Encryption

HMAC encryption is a must and adding to this the end-to-end encryption of Whatsapp is something which has become mandatory for chat apps, especially for those used by businesses for official purpose. End-to-end encryption prevents data from being penetrated by hacking attempts.

Server: Ejabberd

Your server has to be cool enough to host a huge communication network in which message transfers happen between several nodes at any given time. The Ejabberd server would do good for chat apps and complementing this would be protocols like XMPP.


Apart from hosting data transferred through chat windows, a chat application has to take the managing login sessions of several users, achieve quick response to provide the instant messaging experience. Mnesia DB is a good option in this case. For saving chat logs Cassandra Database could be a better option.

Post our brief detailing on the technical essentials needed for Android or iOS chat app development, let’s get into the mode of development. Custom build from the scratch and ready-to-go solutions are the options to choose between to create chat app on Android, iOS.

On a comparative note readymade solutions are good to go with as they have all the technicalities pre-built, provide both cloud and deployment models, reduce the time to market and cost to create an Android / iOS chat application as well.

Apphitect real-time Android/iOS Chat App Building Solution

Apphitect IM Solution is a readymade instant messaging chat app solution that has everything bolted into it to create a fully functional native Android and iOS chat app for enterprise-grade businesses in quick time.

Apphitect IM Solution is fully customizable. It makes use of ERLANG programming language which make it hyper-accommodative towards changes, tweaks or downsizings of any kind.

Apphitect IM Solution can be the best collaborative tool for your teams to stay connected, get a point across and get work done on the go since it has multiple communication modes like

  • Instant messaging
  • Voice calls
  • Video calls
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing
  • Location fetch
  • Multiple file type support
  • Group chat, etc.

Encrypted end-to-end like Whatsapp and HMAC, your chat conversations are safe and unbreachable. Real-time connectivity, multi-device compatibility, messages sync and social integrations offer a high degree of convenience when it comes to peer to peer communication.

Push notifications keep your employees in the loop on ongoing conversations. You can search and retrieve chat logs anytime from any device you access your chat from. The UI and UX can be personalized to suit any specific brand needs.

“On the technical front, Apphitect IM Solution uses Ejabberd server and ERLANG programming language. Mnesia, MySQL and Cassandra handle the database requirements. Amazon S3 bucket backs up the multimedia contents.”

Apphitecth IM Solution is a less time-to-market solution that can bring down your development effort from from-the-scratch build to customizations. With a dedicated support team, Apphitect IM Solution can make sure you take off smoothly with your business conversations.

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