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Illuminating the Evolution of Mobile Apps

The total smartphones users all around the world which accounted for around 139 million crossed the mark of over 2 billion in the year 2016. These figures testify the transforming place of mobile phones in our lives. Moving parallel is the burgeoning importance of mobile applications. Over the years, these have changed the way we see the world around us and are continuing to do so in the present. Let us take you through a journey of mobile apps since their inception few decades back:

The Arrival of the Apps

Mobile apps have existed with us for many years in some way or another, be it its use of increasing the agility of programming, facilitate computer processes or store data. Gradually, it gave way to top-notch apps for both desktops and cell phones, which accounts for more than three million in number all around the globe.

The Cloud Romance

Another development in the app development field has been burgeoning romance of cloud revolution with the mobile apps. This advancement has led the developers in a mobile app company to shift their focus towards the ability to integrate and synchronise apps applications that are developed for multiple devices.

The IoT Rises

Internet of Things has also gained considerable traction in the past few years. Though it is just its first phase, it has already started intermingling with the mobile apps. Moreover, what see now includes development of new devices, vertical IoT services, M2M automation, formulti-sensor support, and much more. As a result, with the requirement of a revamped ecosystem, apps we know today are going to be transformed in an unimaginable manner.

To conclude, apps are something that are going to stick with us for a long time to come as they are part of one of the mind boggling developments of human civilization, i.e our Mobile phones. Moreover, these are used as an effective marketing tool by the companies in 21st century. If you have not released the potential of an app, it is high time you should be doing so. If you are looking for business application solutions, you can get in touch with an ios or android app development company that can provide relevant solutions for all your requirements.

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