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Apps Unavailable on Play Store but Users Should Have

Jitendra Jain

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Out of over a million apps available on play store, a large majority of users install a few and these ‘a few’ gets converted into one or two when it comes to usage. But there are multiple apps not available on Google’s app store despite being worth installing.  The reason behind their unavailability on the world’s major platform due to Google’s a few strict regulations for Android apps and it takes strict actions in case its terms are breached. For instance, applications with a feature that allows you to download videos or music from YouTube as well as ad blocker apps for Android are strictly prohibited by Play Store.

Now, let’s explore what are the apps that really make sense to users without making it to Play Store:

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a perfect medium to install paid games at a very affordable cost. It offers frequent bundles of games at a price that you set yourself. Each bundle has ten games and if your pay more than a dollar you get three. You are eligible for seven if more than the average price is paid across all users and eight for paying more than $6. Two more bundles get unlocked once the total revenue for the bundle is gained.

When a purchase is made, you get a chance to select how your money is used- it can be separated between game developers, a charity that you choose. This app can be downloaded straight to your device which can be utilized to download and update your purchase games that have been bought. However, they have to be bought through the portal first.

Xposed Framework Installer

This is another impressive and crucial app for rooted Android phones. It is a framework for modules that come with the ability to change the behavior of the system and apps without touching any APKs. This is exceptional because it means that modules can work for various versions and even ROMs with no changes. You can conveniently undo this. Once all changes are made in the memory, you simply have to deactivate the module and reset to have your original system back.

 Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground features everything you need as far as your queries related to games are concerned. This app allows you download premium Android games that cost around $10,000 for free and this is the USP of this app. It allows you to download the games and apps you liked the most along with in-app purchases. Here, you get a few famous titles like Frozen Free Fall, Angry Birds Slingshot Stella and Star Wars Rebels: Recon. It consists of all game chapters, options, energy boost, weapons and other items that can assist you improve in the games you are already playing.


It is true that the popping up of unwanted advertisements from here and there makes the user lose interest while using apps. However, through the installation of AdAway this issue can be settled. It blocks ads that use the host file because this file carries a list of mappings between hostnames and IP addresses. When an ad is requested by an app, the request reaches to which takes no action. To run a web server, there are a few alternatives to respond to blocked hostnames and to send requests to the IP address you choose.  Hosts files can be downloaded from the android app, but you can also use yours and a few sites can be included to the white-and black-lists.

CyanogenMod Installer

Was there in the Google Play only for a while, but has not lost its shine since being expelled. Actually a software, this APK guides users to turn on an ADB, which is a debugging tool used for installing the CyanogenMod ROM. It assists a program that conveys this data to a smartphone.

LMT Launcher

LMT Launcher is a very interesting APK, which does not need a root.  A detachable menu is offered by this app and this menu has its opening into a fan shape and shows different shortcuts. To go to this menu, just swipe from any corner of the screen toward the middle and you will be there. This is a customization menu to which preferred options can be added.


It is truly a concealed Android gem and a comprehensive file searcher. Comes with a robust search function, compressed file formats are supported by MiXPlorer. It also supports integration with 19 cloud providers, media players and built-in image. In addition, it comes with a text editor, root capabilities in abundance and many more- all packed in a customizable, Material-inspired design. This app is absolutely free and can be downloaded from the official support thread at xda-developers. It gets updated regularly.

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