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How to Build Online Grocery Store like BigBasket, Grofers

build online grocery store
Two decades ago, street corner convenience stores were the much frequented grocers. But, today the scene has changed.

Progressive grocers with an eye on the future and also the convenience of their customers are rethinking the game altogether. They are embracing technology with a never like before passion that is bringing to life online grocery stores.

CNBC shared some insights about the upcoming future of online grocery shopping in America. The figures are nothing but staggering! The online grocery shopping industry is going to size up to $100 Billion by 2025. By 2025, at least 20% of the market will be occupied by online groceries.

Amazon, Wal-mart, Kroger have already entered the arena with drawn swords. A combined study from Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen also confirms that online is the way ahead for grocery shopping.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Grocery Store Website like Bigbasket?

There is no single amount to quote the cost to build grocery store online. There are too many factors at play. Depending on the factors, the final bill estimate will swell or fall.

The factors to consider to build an online grocery store include:

  • Choice of eCommerce platform (Anywhere from $20 to $150)
  • Web designing (Anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000)
  • Domain hosting (Anywhere from $350 to $2,000+ per month)

There are also other costs like SSL certificates, cloud hosting, integrations, etc. all of which will compound the cost.

Also, there will be continuous costs to be incurred to maintain the website updated and in tune with the changing times and trends. You cannot stick on to a single design or theme forever.

Features to Consider While Building Your Online Grocery Store

Here are a handful features to consider in online grocery website development. Each of these features can dazzle users and make them experience the true comfort of buying groceries online.

1. Product Categorization & Listing

For SEO benefits and also for customer convenience, the product categorization and listing must be modular and easy to navigate. Customers must be able to reach their preferred products quickly without having to go in rounds or perform complex searches.

2. Deals Corner

Deals corners lure buyers straight to ongoing offers on grocery items. The deals section of any eCommerce store enjoys maximum customer engagement since customers are interested in buying what’s most cheap and affordable. A deals corner is a must-have when you build grocery store website

3. In-Built Payment Integrations

Integrated payment options to use debit /credit or Internet banking and digital wallets are expected by all customers. Safety and reliability are two major factors that they look for in an online grocery store.

4. Wallet System

PaymentAn in-built wallet system saves the trouble of credit card payment. It is safe, easy-to-use and most importantly ensures that customers stay loyal to your grocery website.

5. Free Shipping

The entire purpose of online shopping is free shipping. Otherwise, customers would happily drive to an offline store and pick up stuff in person.

6. Intelligent Product Suggestions

Artificial Intelligence based product suggestions can boost the conversion rate of the online store. Secondly, it helps the customer to pick related products that matches their previous purchases or order history.

7. Remember my Purchase

Grocery purchase is a repetitive process. Fortnightly or monthly, the same list has to be bought again and again. Repeating the process can be time consuming. A rather easy way would be remember the purchase list so that customers are able to pick their groceries easily and instantly without having to remember the list every single time.

eCommerce Development to Build an Online Grocery Store

Custom eCommerce development requires the expertise. Not any usual expertise, but the experience of having worked with major eCommerce brands.

Contus is a veteran brand in eCommerce development for multiple industry verticals including online grocery stores. The company has longstanding experience of bringing to life several eCommerce stores selling varying kinds of wares to customers.

Contus has created eCommerce stores for a wide range of industry verticals including fashion, merchandise, automotives, real estate, classifieds and many others.

Contus also offers a wide range of extensions for mobile commerce app and last mile delivery management that online grocery stores will need their routine business process.

Additionally, Contus also helps eCommerce stores to prime their website performance for improved user experience and selling prowess.

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