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How to build a live streaming app like periscope?

From the stone age of cable television to live streaming from smartphones, we have come quite a long distance. Whoever thought live streaming would become such a commonplace feature that can be availed for literally zero dollars!

Of course, some apps want you to pay up. But, still considering the fact that you don’t own a studio or video equipment but just own a smartphone to live stream is simply awesome.

Apps like Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Live, Instagram live, etc. have kicked up a storm. There are more number of people pointing their phones and broadcasting than number of television channels broadcasting a live event.

In fact, Livestream estimates that 81% Of Internet Audiences Viewed More Live Content In 2016 Than They Did In 2015.

Periscope just added to the momentum when it was launched in 2005. Twitter had already bought the app before the launch sniffing the massive revenue opportunity that lies in live video streaming. Facebook also followed suit with a live streaming service in April 2016.

Along with these apps a trend to create your own live streaming website took form. We will talk about that later in this article.

‘LIVE’ is the new video habit

Live video streaming has become more than just a trend. It has become a habit like checking for notifications or sending out forward messages. If there is something great happening, people want to broadcast it live to their followers.

Apart from the in-moment experience, live streaming delivers a host of commercial benefits too:

Increased engagement

The real-time video experience of live streaming helps brands to reach and occupy customer attention for longer span of time.

Wider audience

Live streaming reaches out to the world. You are not stuck showing your video just to your neighborhood or the physically present audience.

In-the moment experience

Live streaming gives audience a real-time sharing experience with the video broadcasters or presenters.

A sense of urgency

Unlike other forms of broadcasting, live streaming is time-bound. There is no rewind or fast-forward. This creates a sense of urgency for the users to be there in the video then and there.

Revenue possibilities in Live Streaming

Live streaming offers not one, but multiple forms of monetizing the feed. The most commonly adopted ones include:


Mid-roll advertisements that occupy a portion of the screen, usually sides and bottoms along with the live stream. If you want to know who clicked on your ads and how much CTR they enjoy, you will have to build live streaming app like Periscope with analytics integrated into it.


This event is sponsored by “BRAND”. You must have seen this often. Brands often volunteer to sponsor live streams as it gives them a wider audience reach and visibility that other marketing tactics will not deliver.


Have a steady fan following who keep revisiting your broadcasts asking for more? Turn them into profit centres using time-bound subscriptions.

VDart Prism – A state of the art Live streaming solution

VDart Prism is a futuristic live streaming solution that can be used to develop live streaming app with extended features for in video animations, map view, replays, Social integrations, comment & chat system. VDart Prism also gives detailed analytics that gives insights about how the live stream has worked and how much views it has garnered from which location and so on.

Additional features like video quality, integrating social photo albums and Google calendar can also be fitted to create app like Periscope that delivers a total live video streaming experience.

VDart Prism also assists to build live streaming application in any platform and device including desktops, tablets and smartphones running on Android, iOS or Windows.

If you are wondering if VDart Prism is an ideal choice to make your own live streaming website, be assured that it works perfect that too.

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