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Pros and Cons of Hiring Employees Through Online Recruiting Software

Pros and Cons of Hiring Employees Through Online Recruiting Software

Having equipped with web-based recruiting software for your company provides a convenient substitute to the conventional method of application printed on a paper. It has been a trend to most companies of using such tool due to its effectivity that benefits the organization’s management in human resourcing. With that, the following are discussed to provide a brief overview of the online recruiting software as well as to give you further understanding of the potential pros and cons of utilizing such approach in the recruitment process of your company.

Getting To Know the Digital Method of Application

The power of internet provided an innovative experience for managers and human resource staffs to hire potential employees. Thus, as a competitive entrepreneur, you want to have an effectively marketed job opening. This can be figured out through utilizing online recruitment agency software.

  • Features

Recruitment software features numerous points of interest to paper-based job applications. The system sends a warning whenever the information provided in the application is incorrectly done, which makes it more efficient in detecting errors. Through a central computer, the data stored in a specific place is easier to access since it is already arranged accordingly. A systematic presorted list of top qualified applicants can already be assessed instead of having it manually done. In this way, it provides a greater convenience to the management as to lessen the time of hiring process since it has also templates that makes it much easier for small entrepreneurs.

  • Applicants

Several companies have received numerous applications from potential personnel for their business industry using online services to which make a systematic manpower pooling. It has been observed that most applicants’ age is around 35 to which it means that both young and older applicants utilize the online application system. In view thereof, there are about 19 applications per posted job received. This now shows a higher number of applicants as compared to the traditional printed on paper applications. Having a greater number is good, but sometimes the greater the number, it also provides a disadvantage due to a higher rate of applicants who are not qualified.

  • Ease

Through the online recruiting system, job seekers will have more accessibility to apply for the posted job located anywhere around the world with the help of powerful internet and the computer essentials as compared to a regular recruiting agency. With this, companies who offer jobs need not to collect a lot of printed on paper applications, which actually make a mess in the work place due to stacked up papers. By all means, the HR staff will also have a lesser time in collecting necessary data from the printed applications.

  • Cost Savings

Using a top online recruiting software offers reserve funds to both company and prospect applicants. Companies spare the expense of paper applications and that potential applicants need not to spend for printing or mailing resumes. Despite the fact that organizations could also handle fees for utilizing the recruiting system, consider it still as a valuable method that is not wasted. Actually, companies that prefer recruiters’ service could lose 20% of the initial income.

  • Other Considerations

There are also some negative perspectives when it comes to using online recruiting system. At some point, when the applicant is at home, there is no assurance that the one filling out and taking the proficiency exams is the actual person who really wants to take the job. Further, in the event that you utilize an application tool that looks for key words to scratch off some aspirants, you may overlook the more qualified applicant for the position. Also, there are technical problems in the website that make the potential applicants incapable of inputting information. These applicants may also be prevented from completing the application process due to these browser issues including several pop-up windows that eventually blocks the user to be directed in the needed page. Additionally, if a breakdown happens, information that was inputted can be compromised, and the worst part is when privacy is intervened. Biometric locks can be installed as a security measure in preventing complications, and thus, it is deemed to be necessary in your strategy.

What Can You Gain With Online Recruiting?

Most of the business operations have been innovative because of the competitive advantages of technology including recruiting. A streamlined recruitment method has been used because of its advantages to which make it a confident option in staffing concerns. Here are some of the pros of using online recruiting which you might want to know:

  • Efficiency

There are various tools included in the staffing software to make it workable and effective. It starts with an initial pre-employment screening and personality tests to evaluate the aspiring applicants until you find the qualified applicants that will correspond to the requirements provided in the job description. Another thing is that this will be an efficient tool to determine if the applicant is capable of being part of your team’s core values. When you try to look one, make sure to read several online recruiting software reviews to check if it meets the criteria of your company.

  • Audience

Through the online recruiting strategy, you are more to get the attention of more applicants as compared to the traditional method of paper printed ones. In this way, you are also more capable to receive job applicants who have specific skills. Also, having equipped with such tool offers you a more convenient way of marketing because of the reason that some organizations relative to your industry allows companies to post on their website the job openings they are offering.

  • Cost

It has been observed for most of the businesses that costs, incurred during the hiring process, are very high because when you get to hire an employee, you need to spend on their trainings and seminars as a requirement in order for them to get into the job. For some, this can be an investment for them. It is highly recommended to use the online recruitment management software with proper administration, so it will not cost you in a drastic way.

Drawbacks of Online Recruiting

As a method for bringing down procuring costs and accomplishing much more extensive sort of qualified aspirants, numerous associations have swung to recruiting online as a helpful asset for hiring individual for any open posts in the company. Recruiting online makes it workable for a manager to promote an empty position conveniently with lesser cost. In spite of these, there are a few threats that may likewise be connected with this hiring strategy.

  • Flood Responses

Since any person on the planet with web section would perhaps see your employment posting, you’ll be immersed with numerous returns, bunches of them from job seekers who may seem not to be qualified. With this, you are to spend a lot of time reviewing each application. To prevent this undesirable action, you’ll have to watch out the keywords in reference to the posting of job description. As much as possible, you have to be very clear with the necessary requirements regarding the job posted as well as the qualifications that the applicant must have.

  • Logistical Glitches

There are instances that applicants who tend to seek opportunity in your company are currently residing in a different place that is not near your company address. In the event that this becomes the situation, initial screening should be done through telephone calls or emails so as to reduce the expense of actual meeting with the applicant. If this could not be avoided and that they are entertained without screening, then, this probes a problem whether the person applying and is scheduled for interview is actually worth it. Right there and then when the applicant confirms the terms such as relocation, at least you will not waste your time and money for that particular applicant.

  • Technical Concerns

In the event that you’re employing approach involves providing information through encoding, you may neglect to see the competent aspirants who might on the other hand prefers to deliver a resume. Some wanted an assurance of their online application to which they be confident that employers will definitely receive their application as well with the security reasons of providing information through internet. Admit it that there are possibilities of technical glitches in the application system that making it slow to operate or even lose the information along the way of submitting process.

  • Poor Website

Most of the time, job seekers who have looked for the posted jobs you offered can only depend on your website to obtain additional data relevant to your business type, main goals, and methodology of operation. An inadequately outlined or obsolete website tends the applicant to not even react and eventually discouraged to pursue his application to your posted job because it had lowered the interest of the aspirant.

  • Too Impersonal

Considering that a significant part of the recruitment software features involves phone and email interviews, it might be seen as sensibly indifferent. With this, it might be mind boggling to check if the potential candidate will presumably be a perfect match for the business and its terms of agreement. The applicant, however, may also have an extreme time evaluating if the company suits her best.

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