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An HR Beginner’s Guide to Recruiting Management Software

An HR Beginner's Guide to Recruiting Management Software

A recruiting management software is simply a database management tool capable of taking in big volumes of data (through customer profiles from online application forms) and further process by archiving, categorizing and sorting it. In a wider perspective, a recruiting software improves the productivity of human resource management employees by lifting them up from tedious tasks through automation.

An online recruiting software is capable of streamlining all recruiting processes, like communication and document management, to have a constant flow of information within the sequential steps involved the process. It enables the HR manager to keep track of the application process, and know how the deployed recruiting campaigns are faring in terms of applicant turn out.

Steps in Knowing the Recruiting Management Software for You

The following are steps in choosing the best features to look for in a recruiting software that will best match your business model, requirements and needs:

Recognize the need

Basically, there are certain online tools that are effective recruiting tools, like your email software. Business websites provide a page dedicated to careers or recruitment. Yet one must be wary that the recruiting process needs a more aggressive approach for a campaign, in some cases, which may need more than what your in-house tools can address. In a logical sense, a specialized human resource tool needs to have focus on the unique and varying requirements set for recruitment, which may be the most cost-efficient investment in the long term.

To further make you recognize, if you strongly need a recruiting software for yourself, here is a list of “must have” tools in order to run an effective recruitment management:

  1. Scheduler or planner – Having an automated organization tool enables you to multitask with focus and efficiency helping you organize your schedule by effectively filling up your time with the tasks you need to accomplish in sequence. By having a schedule to follow, you maximize your time by focusing on what needs to be done first, instead of worrying if you can accomplish everything on time. It also allows you to track your productivity and performance, such as the number of calls or emails you sent, etc.
  2. Resume database – This utilizes a paperless document management system,which is cost-efficient, in terms of storage, space and filing. Critical information, like applicant’s personal information (contact numbers and home address), are safe and protected in the database with the top of its class encryption. Since files are digital, it is also covered with online security compliance measures that protects the information against theft, fraud and misuse. It is also an efficient tool resembling a mini search engine where you can easily search for the potential candidate, just key in the relevant terms and through its sophisticated categorizing and sorting system, it will render the best match results.
  3. Communication tools or system – By incorporating certain communication tools, such as email or chat capability, recruiting agency maximizes the recruiting software platform through the ease of sharing information among department members and when disseminating important applicant information, like interview invitations and initial assessment results. It also encourages collaboration among the human resource management members, where each can share tasks and give insights about certain decision-making. Since everything is in digital form, copies of correspondences easily furnish and retrieve needed data.
  4. Integration with your business website – You can further maximize the benefits of having an online recruiting tool by incorporating it in your business website. It is a means of marketing your site, your product or your brand. Your recruiting efforts direct traffic to your business web site on the web,hence, it is important to integrate your recruiting website, or the links of the posts from a career site directly to your business website. And of course, if your business website is already driving the traffic, it positively influences your recruiting efforts with impressions, such as professionalism and brand image, which attract high value candidates for the vacant positions.
  5. 24/7 accessible career site or portal – According to Pew Research’s Technology Device Ownership Statistics in 2015, about 68% of Americans own a smartphone, and 45% have a tablet computer. Internet users are now about 3.4 billion, which accounts to around 40% of the world population.The proliferation of mobile devices and the rise of internet usage, force businesses to capture customers and audiences during their screen or online time.In case of recruitment, by having an online career portal, enables you to set a system of convenience and reliability for applicants where they can engage with your site, anytime and anywhere, given that they have an internet connection. For HR personnel, they can easily access the recruitment system and keep track of the applicants and processes even outside their offices.
  6. Attachment capturing and database – It is best to store attachments, like resumes, cover letters and photos in its native format, and attach it back to your employee’s profile in the company database. One can build a comprehensive employee profiling this way including other employee profile documentation, like contracts, service agreements, compensation and benefit package, memos and the likes.
  7. Scalability feature – By choosing the recruiting management software that grows or downsizes your needs, it is a cost-efficient choice. While there is no “one size fits all” software (maybe some will try to use that feature just to clinch a sale), there are tools that can be customized, flexed and scaled to fit your specific needs. This is a characteristic of an online or cloud-based recruiting software, wherein the system is hosted by a third party provider, and you store and manage your recruitment system in the cloud, or online only. This can be utilized when one has limited funds, or when the nature of the business is project-based.

Recognize your budget

Recruiting solutions are capable of accommodating various budget types by enabling or disabling some tools or features to suit your particular needs. Before choosing the right software package, make sure you have evaluated an adequate number of options, and have taken all considerations when coming up with a list of criteria. For feedback about the available recruiting tools in the market, read online recruiting software reviews

Hosted recruiting software solutions are best when you are working on a limited budget,which is scalable according to the number of users or features, like storage capacity. You only pay what you consume, or pay in minimal amount on a monthly basis, which will not interfere your cash flow. In choosing a hosted recruiting software vendor, make sure it includes free software updates and excellent after-sales support.

Recognize your essential features for a recruiting solution

As mentioned, before choosing a recruiting management tools and solutions, it is best to come up with your own list of needed features of the recruitment software to narrow down your choices. Choosing the best solution maximizes your investment.

Step 4: Recognize your must haves when it comes to vendor options

One should not disregard the reputation and credibility of the software provider you will choose. Recruiting solutions must not end after purchasing a software or tool, but best if it includes training’s, software updates and an outstanding customer service and technical support. The best recruiting tool is developed with powerful functions that addressed the needs and challenges in recruiting management. Basing your choice in these powerful functions, rather than on the form or affordability, will bring better bang for your buck.

Get to know the benefits and features of top online recruiting software by making an exhaustive research about the recruiting tools available in the market today. To strengthen your decision for the best recruiting software to utilize, check out online recruiting software reviews,client feed backs and ratings available in

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