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Choosing the Right Recruiting Management Software for Your SMB

Choosing the Right Recruiting Management Software for Your SMB

Running your SMB efficiently certainly requires a lot of hard work. In order to become successful, you need to make sure that you have the right people working with you. Hiring employees with the right skill sets is crucial in ensuring your company becomes profitable.

What Is Recruiting Software?

Recruitment can be a tedious process. It includes tasks such as posting ads, browsing and filing resumes, scheduling interviews, and communicating with candidates and department managers. With so many different things going on, getting organized can be quite a challenge. This is where software that streamlines and automates the process becomes such an invaluable tool. TechTarget, an online resource for tech information based in Boston, defines it as a tool that can provide solutions to your HR recruiting needs.

HR Recruiting Software can help you create and post more professional ads, identify the most qualified applicants, and communicate with the candidates. But what exactly is the software and how does it help make recruitment more manageable? The online tool empowers your HR team to be able to work more efficiently.

The software offers features that allow for easier applicant tracking and communication. Virtually, everybody in the recruitment field will agree that getting high quality applicants can be difficult, so the last thing you want to happen is to miss out on hiring a candidate because of the errors in documentation. CV’s will no longer be lost, interview schedules will never be forgotten, and basically, we can now avoid any mistakes that happen due to human error.

Benefits of Recruitment Management Software

Business owners like you know how important it is to invest in technology that can improve your operations. However, because HR is not a directly income generating department, it’s not easy to see how an automated system can be a sound investment rather than just a business cost. So the question is, why should you get online recruitment software for your SMB?

Top online recruiting software come with a host of features and benefits that can certainly improve your profit margin in the long run. Of all the numerous benefits this tool brings, below are the ones that your SMB can enjoy with the automated system,

  1. Improves HR Team’s Efficiency and Productivity – recruiting software automates the processes involved in sourcing and hiring employees. This frees up the time of the HR personnel to attend to other things that need their attention. With less admin tasks, HR can work more efficiently, so more tasks are completed with less staff needed. Operating an SMB means you need to keep your costs in check, and by ensuring that your HR staff has increased productivity, you can save on labor and overtime costs.
  2. Reach More Qualified Applicants – one of the challenges in recruitment is that there isn’t always a large pool of candidates to choose from. As a result, you may need to make do with applicants that don’t have the requirements you need. This means you end up with an employee who is not the best fit for the job and may also have a much longer learning curve to become effective in his or her role. If you do hold out on hiring, waiting a long time to get the position filled may put a strain on the rest of your workforce. E-recruiting software comes with features such as website integration and a directory of recommended job boards. With over 3 billion internet users worldwide promoting your company and your available job openings online, you can certainly increase your reach and improve your pool. Your SMB can benefit from this as it basically means that you’ll be able to hire the candidate who can actually do the job right.
  3. Efficiently Fill Job Openings – there are numerous advantages of using recruitment CRM software, and one of these advantages is that you can fill up job openings a lot quicker. Delays in hiring often stems from the screening process. Leafing through mountains of CV’s to find applicants who meet the job requirements can be time consuming. And as an SMB owner, you understand how costly delays can be. With the software’s applicant identification feature, the system can automatically match candidates with the job they are qualified for. With half of the process done, hiring the right employee becomes a lot more efficient and, not to mention, faster.
  4. CV and Recruiting Documents Storage – operating an SMB means you need to manage both your capital and operational expenditures. This often means that if you do have a physical location, your space may be limited. Storing applicant CV and manually keeping a record will not only require storage space but also use up labor hours. These will be additional expenditures that you can save when you have recruiting database software. You can store CV information as well as details of your recruitment campaigns on a centralized database. It will be easier and quicker to access and will also not require physical storage space.

These benefits are only an overview of what your SMB can enjoy with the software. You can read online recruiting software reviews from other business owners like you, so you can find out exactly how the tool has improved their operations.

Software Checklist

Now that you know how your SMB can benefit from the tool, the next step is to decide on which one to use. So how do you choose the right software? Should you purchase one or will free recruiting software suffice?

Below are questions you may want to ask yourself when choosing the software you want to use for your SMB.

  1. What Do You Need the Software for? Consider what aspect of recruitment do you need automating. The size of your business is an important factor when choosing the recruiting software that will work best for you. If you are challenged with sourcing applicants, then, you may want to pick software that comes with a directory of job boards that you can use. If you have a small HR team dedicated to recruitment, consider software that can help you match applicants with job openings available. While it may be tempting to pick one that lists the most number of features, you may be paying for a tool that you will not be able to fully maximize.
  2. What Do Others Say? With so many different types of recruiting software provided by numerous developers, choosing one can be an overwhelming task. The features all look impressive, and some are priced so close together that you may have a hard time in picking one. When this happens, consider what other users have to say about using the software. Reviews from businesses that have actually worked with the tool will be quite useful in determining what would be the best fit for your SMB. Check for any challenges they may have experienced, from the interface to the quality of support the software developers provide. While it may seem impressive on the product description page, you want to know how it actually performs in the real world.
  3. How Has the Tool Improved the Operations of Other Businesses? Customer reviews are an excellent resource for finding out how users perceive the tool. One other resource that you can use is case studies. Most providers have case studies posted on their website or are available upon request. Case studies provide more information to help you determine if the software can provide the solutions you need. You can find out about the recruiting problems of another company and review how the tool was able to solve these. The studies often show ROI as well, so you can use that as a reference as to whether it will be a worthy investment.
  4. Will It Work for My SMB? The great thing about the law of supply and demand is that there are numerous software providers you can choose from. And one of the marketing techniques these providers use is that they offer free trials. While customer reviews tell you how others feel and case studies can give you a sample of the software’s success, there is no better way to determine if it will work than actually trying it out. Besides, you wouldn’t buy a pair of trousers without trying it on first right? Even if the tag says it’s in your size, the fit just might not be right. So take advantage of the free trials while you’re shopping around for recruitment management software to use for your SMB. You and your team can test if it’s easy to use and if it will actually make everything a lot simpler to manage.
  5. Will It Still Work When I Grow My SMB? While the software may be perfect for your current operations, you want to make sure that it can grow with you. Check if the recruitment software you are considering has scalable features, so you won’t need to change tools when your business grows.

At the heart of your SMB are skilled team members who work hard to make your business a success. They are undeniably the life force of the company, and you want to make sure that as you grow, you continue to hire the right people. Find the tool that can help you maintain the quality of your workforce by visiting and checking their list of reliable recruiting software providers.

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