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What Are the Top Features of the Best Medical Billing Software?

What Are the Top Features of the Best Medical Billing Software?

Just like any other business, the medical industry also benefits from using the best billing software.  The best medical billing software can help the users store and find patients’ records and documents efficiently, thus, giving them more time to attend to patients needing their help. These are just among the many benefits of this software.

What is a Medical Billing Software?

A medical billing software is an application used by healthcare-related companies to record patients’ information, record billing and payment information, send claims, process medical insurance follow-ups, manage patients’ accounts, and more.

Rummaging through files for patients’ records and documents could really be time-consuming and could mean that patients will need to wait longer to be attended to. In order to provide the patients with the  best care, it is important that their information are properly stored and are easily viewed when needed. Hence, the best medical billing software is a must for clinics, hospitals, or any healthcare-related companies.

Benefits of the Best Medical Billing Software

  1. Convenience. Find and enter records conveniently through the software’s user-friendly interface to process patients’ needs quickly. Also, some of the best medical billing software can be accessed not only in the office premises, but can also from home or on the road.
  2. Increased productivity. The best medical billing software can also streamline some processes for you. For example, after entering a patient’s billing records, you can print or email the invoice or statement right away.
  3. Faster results. Since things are being done quicker, providers and medical professionals like doctors are paid faster. Reimbursement procedures can also be accomplished quicker.

Top Features of the Best Medical Billing Software

  1. Records and documents management. One of the main purposes of a medical billing software is to record the patient’s information. It is a fact that an organized document management system helps businesses tremendously. It is important to keep the patients’ records and documents accurately. Of equal importance is the ability to be able to retrieve these data in real-time or when needed. Majority of reviews of the best medical billing software list down this feature among the top as this is very important in ensuring accurate payment collection and claims.
  2. Medical appointment scheduling. Another top feature of the best medical billing software is its scheduling feature. Through this, you can schedule the patients by doctor, time, location or type of consultation to improve the density or frequency of appointment for every medical practitioner. The best medical billing applications can also confirm and remind the patients and practitioners about their appointments through automated notifications via phone, email, or text messaging.
  3. Payment collection. Another major feature of a medical billing software is its payment collection functions. Through this section of the software, the amount the patients need to pay for are accurately recorded. Eligibility for health insurance can also be easily checked and verified through this feature. Payment plan or automation can also be set up for patients. For example, this will allow you to automatically charge the medical bill to their bank account or credit card.
  4. Management and processing of claims.  The best medical billing software program is also able to help you manage, verify, and process claims or reimbursements. Some medical billing software nowadays also have back office teams who continuously research claim denials and they add new rules to prevent future denials. This feature will ensure quicker processing of claims and reimbursements.
  5. Reporting and summary. Reports and summary of various aspects of the business are also important features of the medical billing software. These let you oversee how the business is doing. There are customizable as well as pre-designed summary and reporting that you can utilize.
  6. Customer service and technical support. Even if you have your own IT team for the company, it will always be best if the software you are using has its own customer service and technical support. For any concerns like user queries or technical difficulties with the software, the support staff from the software company will always be the best ones to provide you with answers and solutions.

Medical Billing Software Integration

Aside from the top features enumerated above, another important factor to be considered in choosing the medical billing software for your business is its ability to be integrated with other medical software. Medical practice management software is often integrated with the medical billing software. Software integration is necessary to be able to have all the features and functionalities you need rolled seamlessly into one application.

Some of the best medical billing packages already have practice management features integrated with the software. Finding a medical billing software with practice management features or integration would really be a total advantage for your medical business. Therefore, before getting one medical software, it is important to learn more about both medical billing software and medical practice management software. There are reviews of the best medical billing software and medical practice management applications you can find online to help you through with picking the best one for you.

Choosing the Best Medical Billing Software

Picking the best medical billing software for your healthcare business will definitely increase reimbursements processed for your patients, and your practitioners will get paid on time as well. To help you choose the best software for your medical business, it is a must to go through some reviews of the best medical billing software. You can find several online medical billing software reviews, articles and blogs from different websites like

It will also be beneficial to check out the official website of your potential medical billing software to know more about the features it has. Official websites usually have video demonstrations about how their software works. This will give you more idea about the product.

It’s also going to be helpful to watch online tutorials from YouTube. This will give you the visuals of all the top features of the best medical billing systems. It will be easier to understand how a software works if the functionalities are seen. Thus, seeing how a feature actually works will be helpful in the decision-making process.

There are medical billing programs that also offer free trial versions and you can take advantage of this. This is the ultimate test before you decide which software to use. Through the trial version, you can see which one has all the functionalities you need. During the testing phase, you could also see what the particular software you are testing lacks.

Some of the Best Medical Billing Software

According to some reviews of the best medical billing software, in no particular order, below are the top medical billing software you can further research on and compare.

  1. Kareo
  2. Advanced Medical Billing
  3. NueMD
  4. ProMed
  5. Meditouch PM Practice Management Software
  6. DrChrono EHR

Some of the software from the list belong to the growing list of web-based medical billing software.  Most of these web-based applications are also cloud-based. One of the advantages of cloud-based applications include reduction of IT resource requirements since your database and back-end IT components will be hosted by the software provider. This would mean less technical headaches for you since all IT-related concerns will be handled by the software company. This also means big savings for the company because setting up your own server is no longer required for a cloud-based setup. This means that there’s no need to invest for server-grade computer hardware.

The website cites the following as some of the pros and cons of using a web-based medical billing software.


  1. Limited upfront software fees.
  2. Easy access to your web-based data. Since it is web-based, you will have easy access to your data as long as you have an internet connection, and a computer or any mobile computer gadget like your smartphone. This is really important since most medical providers want immediate access to their data.
  3. Increased security. Multiple users have individual logins. Thus, an electronic record or log of who is accessing the patient information is created.
  4. Unlimited users. Most cloud-based applications offer this feature at very little or no additional charge.
  5. No software to buy or install. This is because the software and database are going to be hosted by the software provider.
  6. No upgrade cost. The majority of the cloud-based software providers do not have additional yearly or upgrade cost.
  7. No server needed. No hardware is required since all IT components are hosted in the cloud server of the software company.
  8. Automated data backup online.
  9. Paperless option.


  1. Monthly fees. The monthly fees could vary between the cloud-based medical billing software providers. This is usually based on the number of users of their application.
  2. Internet connection dependency. If your internet service goes down, you no longer have access to your records and database.
  3. What do you do if your cloud based software company goes out of business? This is the negative side which you really need to look at closely. Make sure you are confident that you would still be able to access your data somehow should the web-based software provider suddenly go out of business. A background check of the software company is necessary. Check if there are already healthcare businesses that are using the software to give you a little idea on how stable the company is.

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