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The Mantra to Transitioning from iPhone to Android

Have you recently bid farewell to your iPhone and bought an Android device? Are you one of those who think that switching from and iPhone to an Android device would be a cakewalk? Or, Are you a first time Android user?

If your response to the above questions is in affirmation then my friend, you are in for a surprise. It is not all that easy as it looks. Transition is never easy but your efforts or willingness to adapt to change is what makes it easy. And that is the exact philosophy that will help you get used to your new Android device after your old iPhone.

Say Goodbye

First, it is time to say bye to the perks of having an iPhone. This is not a long list but yes a few very critical things that you have probably become very used to and which you would no longer be enjoying in an Android device. I have had first-hand experience in using both an iPhone and an Android (Samsung) device and trust me there is a huge difference in the battery life of the two.

While an iPhone can go without charging for a couple of days (depending on your usage, of course!), an Android device (the ones that I have used) cannot last a day without a charger. And this is one aspect where you will miss your old phone. But, having said that, there are many portable chargers, power banks, etc. that can come to your rescue in this case.

Second in the list is picture quality. I have always been a fan of iPhone camera and that is something that I really miss. Although, there are Android devices which have better cameras then that of an iPhone, I don’t know there is something about an iPhone’s camera or maybe the available modes that make things picture perfect.

Other than these, there would be things that you might be used to but you will get better or at least equal alternatives in Android. If you are addicted to an app developed by an iPhone application development India, you are sure to find an alternative on the Google Market. So, these are the things that you should not be worried about. Yes, there are things that you would like to take along with you.

Take Along

Leaving a phone and moving to a new one is easy but your old phone might have a host of memories in the form of text messages, photos, videos, music, etc. And, you would not want to part ways from these. There are many options available when it comes to transferring contacts, media, messages, etc. from iPhone to Android.

You can transfer using specialized apps or by making use of USB cables or Bluetooth connections. You can also sync your data with Google and access that from your new phone. There are dedicated apps from iPhone app development company that can help you transfer data effortlessly. Other possible choices include taking a back-up on your laptop or desktop and then transferring these to your new device.

There are numerous other options and blogs, YouTube tutorials, etc. to guide you through the transfer process and that is why I will not delve much into that.

Get Excited

So, that was all about what you have left and what you have taken along. Now, coming to what is exciting about moving to an Android device. And here is a list of things that someone transitioning to Android can enjoy:

  • Options: iPhone users lack options when it comes to device variety. Android has many options with varying screen size, RAM, internal memory, etc. to suit all pockets. You can have a whole range of devices to choose from. Many renowned brands manufacture mobile devices with Android as the operating system and that is why you do not have to stick to a brand. You can pick and choose the one you like based on service-centre availability, warranty, etc. This is one aspect where Android wins hands down because the variation in Apple devices is negligible.
  • Experience with Google: The experience of using Google offerings like Google Now, Google+, Google Maps, Google Music, and the list will go on for a couple of more sentences is different on an Android device. You have one account which is your key to accessing all of these other great services. Although, these were available on iPhone as well but there is something different about these on Android devices. It can be the ease of use i.e. not having to create a separate account maybe.
  • Customization: In order to protect user data from threats and live up to the image that Apple has created for itself, iPhones are designed as controlled devices giving limited flexibility to users. You might not really realize all the beautiful things that you can do with your device till you migrate to Android. Uncontrolled widgets, live wallpapers, multi-tasking (two-windows in juxtaposition), are just some examples of what customization entails.

Android comes across as a promising operating system which takes care of what users would love to experience. Association with Google gives it an edge over iPhone because Google users get one-account access to all related apps and Software. But, there is a stiff competition between the two and both have their pros and cons.

An avid Android fan would find 101 reasons to use Android and the same applies to an iPhone maniac. It is just a matter of preference and habit. I have known people who cannot imagine leaving their iPhones even if it is for transitioning to a very efficient Android device.

Transitioning from iOS to Android or Android to iOS is just a matter of time. Once you get accustomed to the device buttons, apps, etc. you would not really feel that big of a difference. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Which operating system would you prefer and Why?

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