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Best Programming Languages for developing Mobile Apps

Nowadays, every one of us is dependent on our smartphones for completion of any simple task, which is made possible with the presence of apps in it. Undoubtedly it has added more value to our smartphones with the ability to complete tasks with great ease & comfort. While most of the mobile apps are available for free, some of them comes with an affordable price. Many users wish for an alluring mobile app with better facilities & price tag is hardly a matter of concern for them. To get a good app designed for your business, choosing a suitable programming language for development is necessary. Let us see some of the latest programming languages used in the development of mobile apps.

List of Top Programming languages

There is no denial in the fact that the programming language we choose for our app development has a great impact on determining how successful your app will be in the app market. As there are many options available for developing an app, picking up a particular one can be a difficult task. So, here is the list of the smart programming languages that can be used for developing efficient mobile apps:

  • Swift for Apple Latest APIs

It is the latest programming language that is widely used for the development of iOS Apps. Many latest APIs for Apple’s Cocoa Touch & Cocoa has been programmed using Swift programming language. Apple developed this language to resolve the issue associated with Objective C that is related to devices security. iOS App Developers should definitely opt for Swift for App development.

  • Java for App Development

This is the most preferred programming language used by the developers in most of the Android App Development Company. This object-oriented based language that has been developed at Sun Microsystems can run either in a browser window or virtual machine without a browser. This feature is very helpful for developers when it comes to re-use of code and update of software.

  • HTML 5 for browser-based App

It is the latest version of markup language that is ideal for building web-fronted apps for mobile devices. Since it’s a markup language, we cannot make apps using this but combination of HTML5 with JavaScript helps in creating mobile and web apps. It includes various facilities such as many data types, account for multiple screen sizes, etc. that is good for making web-fronted apps.

  • C++

Another well-suited language for building Android and Windows App is C++. The versatility and the flexibility of the language help in developing mobile apps for every purpose on every platform that exists. It is one of the old programming languages that has dominated the world of programming before the revolution of smartphones.

Well, before choosing one among them, we need to analyze the app development market for analyzing requirements & pick up the markup language according to that. It depends on various criteria that need to be matched as per the requirements of the business. For any doubt, there are many mobile app development firm that can guide you in choosing the best for your business.

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