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Hurdles And Curdles In Way Of Wearable App Development

The world is teeming with high-tech technology, with the launching of the breakthrough product such as wearable gadgets like smart watches, glasses etc and mobile app services. The wearable app development for wearable devices and connected devices is becoming the major challenge for developers and designers.

According to the survey from a leading mobile app development company, ample amount of developers and designers are facing extraordinary challenges when developing the application for connected devices and wearable devices such as Google glasses, smart watches, Amazon echo etc. As the result of the survey, it had been proved that total 69% of developer and 65% of designers feel puzzled when it comes to the wearable app development for wearable devices and connected devices. In this modern era of technology, wearable devices, and connected devices are becoming the new trends. Everyone follows the trend and hence when it comes to wearable app development, developers are biting their lips and can’t move forward from mobile and tablet phones to high-tech wearable devices.

Challenges faced by developer and designer to develop app for wearable devices

Communication is the key to success when it comes to mobile app development. According to researchers in this area of wearable app development, the main problem that cited was the lack of communication between the IT stakeholders and developers & designers.

Some ultra modern and most advanced enterprises are curious to get into the production of these wearable and connected devices and earn great revenues by making the mind-boggling launch. But to make this next generation dream come true is major challenge for mobile app development and design team as it requires them to becomes more creative and cutting edge technology and new devices.

Beside than poor communication between the IT stakeholders and developers & designers, another problem is that the capitalist is not inquisitive and have no clear vision about these cutting edge wearable devices and for mobility.

Last but not least challenge cited was the lack of resources. Developers and designers really do not possess all the ultra modern and razor-sharp tools that might be necessary to overcome the wearable app development challenges. Without having mandatory tools and technology mobile app developer won’t be able to bring these future devices into real life. Even if they are provided with right funds, the research will cover the most of time and chances of getting success is still obscure. As the tech industries are moving to micro services now only limited developers are there to build specific wearable and connected app for those devices.

With these next generation devices, you can predict about future. But the biggest challenge is still facing by mobile app developer and designer when it comes to future wearable devices and to develop the app for them. There are many other possible hurdles in way of wearable app development but when it comes to seeking for the solutions, you won’t be able to find any or any alternate to overcome the challenges of wearable app development.

Prateek Saxena

Managing Director at AppInventiv Technologies
Prateek Saxena is Managing Director of AppInventiv Technologies, a leading mobile app development company specialized in iOS and android app development. which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS, Android and Wearable platforms.

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