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Where Did Computers Come From?

Computers have been around all of our lives, so it’s easy to assume they have always been around. There are those among us, however, who remember a time when rooms full of vacuum tubes and punch cards were the norm and no one would even think of having a computer in their home. Remember ENIAC with all those vacuum tubes? Of course you don’t because it was probably gone long before you were born. Remember punch cards? What about dial up internet?

It took decades of trial and error and major discoveries to advance Computer Science to where it is today. Someone had to make an integrated circuit, and someone else had to figure out a way to make that circuit smaller and faster and less expensive. In a matter of a few decades computers went from behemoth vacuum tube structures to desktop user friendly business machines.

Today we wear computers and many of us own more than one type of computer. We use computers to keep in touch via social networks, email, and SMS messages (who uses a phone anymore?). Our economy is computer and tech driven, and the advances we are making today are built upon decades of hard work done by generations that came before us. Without all those vacuum tubes and punch cards we wouldn’t be where we are today. Learn more about the evolution of computer science from this infographic!



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