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Why Hiring Mobile App Development Company Is A Perk For Your Startup?

To actively engage the customers, a majority of businesses are getting more dependent on mobile applications, which are meant to offer more than just peer-to-peer communication. Today, the mobile apps are not solely for big name brands like Walmart, Amazon, Flipkart and Bank of America. More and more startups and midsize businesses — be it the corner coffee shop or the beauty spa downtown are getting their own dedicated mobile app rather than running just a mobile-optimized website. As per a research conducted in 2015, 90 % of time spent in digital media is towards mobile app usage and the rest 10 % is spent on desktop browsers. Obviously,  all wish to be ahead of the game by adapting to the revolutionary mobile trend.

However, creating an interactive mobile app is indeed a challenging experience as the task requires a in-depth knowledge of coding, a testable wireframe prototype, databases, UX and UI components, APIs, mobile UX structure using Bootstrap and visual conceptualization. Hiring a Mobile App Development Company is an easy way to cut through the typical pains involved in the app development process. The alternative: if you hire an entire team in-house for full-time, it will definitely cost you a fortune and usually you won’t get the same level of expertise and experience you are willing to get within the desired budget and time.

Given below are some major perks of hiring mobile app development company for both the short and long term:

1. High-skilled Experts

By hiring an app development firm, you will get the assistance of highly-skilled analysts, proficient mobile app developers and user experience (UX) experts with diverse abilities and skills. These experts are proficient in creating exceptional apps in possibly every major platform,  be it Android, iOS or the Windows Phone.

2. Quality of the App

The app development company must have experience of working with other similar projects and they must be absolutely efficient in handling the latest technology and tools. Moreover, the app development company must be proficient in implementing the best practices in app development and achieve exceptional business growth.

3. Cost Effective

Outsourcing not only solves development problems, but it helps to create an app in an inexpensive manner. You will get complete access to an entire team of experts — no hidden fees and ensuring total transparency. In addition to this, Outsourcing your project work offers a lot of freedom and flexibility that a regular desk job can’t. You hire the professional assistance when you need it the most and pay on the basis of hours, unlike full-time employees who are on the payroll.

4. Shorter Duration

Time is money and every startup strongly believes in it. Getting your work done by a pool of experts simply means the less time you spend on development cycles and the faster you will be able to launch your smart mobile application in the store.

5. Latest Technology

Getting associated with a professional mobile app development company, you’ll surely get access to the latest tools and revolutionary technologies. This way, you will be keeping up with changing trends, which is vital to delivering world-class cutting solutions.

6. Customer Engagement with Personalized Experiences

The customers have the ability to interact with the mobile apps from anywhere, even while on the go. This almost anywhere access of accounts leads to a personalized experience for the customer.  The current location and the profile information on the customer enables you to build a personalized buying experience for the customer, making life easier to find and buy the products from your store.

7. Rigorous Testing

Programmers help in developing the mobile apps that are thoroughly tested across all the mobile platforms. Testing is a great way to minimize the risks of placing an unimpressive app in front of customers, that will be disposed off  by them, too soon.

8. Socialize Business with Apps

The mobile apps are shaping the way we interact socially. If you need to orient your business in terms of future technologies, then ideally a custom mobile app development really helps. More and more people are indulging in social media activities and spends time with the various Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter etc. The app  that has features of these social media integrated within them, will them to provide as a better prospect for the potential customers.

9. Focus More On the Core Business

As a startup, you need lots of time to concentrate on your core business strategies, rather than wasting your time elsewhere. The allure of outsourcing of project definitely carries a certain appeal because this gives you the maximum time on planning a long-term company’s development roadmap instead of getting your hand dirty in mobile app designing and coding work.

The benefits are endless. Invest wisely in a carefully vetted mobile app development company and leverage that specific expertise whenever you need it most. The mobile app, not only lets you stay ahead of competition, but they have become almost a necessity. The business of mobile app development engages more customers and brings about an increase in the sales for the business.

Prateek Saxena

Managing Director at AppInventiv Technologies
Prateek Saxena is Managing Director of AppInventiv Technologies, a leading mobile app development company specialized in iOS and android app development. which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS, Android and Wearable platforms.

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