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Top Tools to Learn App Development in Real Time

You download an app and get amazed by the functions along with stunning graphics, then you feel how do they make it?. Young app developers always keep an eye on the successful developers so that they can try to replicate or develop something similar to them. But they fail wondering what make successful apps actually successful.

It is nothing but long hours of constant learning which makes app developers creative enough to build something never existed before. Developers have their own resource-selection through which they learn, even after achieving a pro stage. This is the thing that keeps their apps ahead of others.

We will be sharing with you some of the learning sources which will give you a boost and help you in developing successful apps.


This is the first choice of all app developers who want to learn app development from the scratch. Github has another website which is popular with the of ‘GitHub Gist”. From these sources, you can learn everything starting from introduction to practical learning.

jQuery Cheat Sheet

It does act like cheat sheet. It provides you a quick sheet which is full of filters, attributes and much more to solve your syntax of different programming languages.


It is a community of developers which help each other in programming issues or share codes snippets or to exchange technical information. This community has a large number of skilled developers where you can learn the tips and tricks of developing.

Touch Keyboard Types

It is a collection of HTML5 code and demos for invoking different touch keyboards depending on input type, this helps ecommerce app builders. In this you can take reference from vide range of demos which would help you build different parts of e commerce app.

HTML5 Cheat Sheet

Just like jQuery Cheat Sheet, HTML is also a cheat sheet but it’s for HTML. It gives you a quick sheet of various codes to teach you depths of front-end app development.

Babel Handbook

This is a very important JavaScript Compiler. It teaches you JavaScript Compiler from scratch with the facilities of chatting sessions and forums as well to clear your doubts.

JS Tips

Grab short codes or short but worthy tips on JavaScript through JS Tips. It is a land of small codes to implement each function flawlessly.


An app developer knows how important it is the part which helps users interact with the app. So the developer should make sure to develop an app which is new, innovative and interactive to the user. With the help of these learning sources you will definitely develop an amazing app.

Prateek Saxena

Managing Director at AppInventiv Technologies
Prateek Saxena is Managing Director of AppInventiv Technologies, a leading mobile app development company specialized in iOS and android app development. which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS, Android and Wearable platforms.

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