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5 Incredible Ways To Boost Your WordPress Website Speed

Right from the SEO point of view to satisfying the visitors coming to your website, the speed of your WordPress website matters in satisfying these urges optimally. No one can ignore the fact that a fast loading website is the most desirable wish of every visitor who browses through a particular website. Faster loading websites will serve the content to the onlookers in a fraction of the time and this literarily translates to more clients visiting your websites that ultimately increases the websites’ demand and adds to the conversion at a better rate.

Every website owner would jump at the chance of knowing more about the useful tricks on how to boost your website speed, especially when we are talking in WordPress context. There is no doubt that WordPress itself is a rewarding platform to create exceptional e-commerce websites. And the addition of some of the exceptional useful tips will help to increase the websites’ speed outstandingly well.

Here is a useful guide to explain you on how to take charge of WordPress websites’ performance.

1. Invest in Robust Hosting services

Prior to investing in a particular hosting company’s services, it is essential to search a bit about the assistance it provides. There is no point in investing your money for no concrete result. There are the lots of options to choose when it comes to hosting. Right from shared hosting to the dedicated one and to the managed hosting, options are provided depending upon the choice and the requirement of website owners. Opting for dedicated hosting is a much better option for getting high traffic.

2. Optimizing Images

Heavier images are the main culprit behind slowing down the speed of websites. They add on to the loading speed of the websites and thus, slow down the actual web speed. Thus, we recommend optimizing the images if they are above 50 KB, obviously before uploading them to the websites. There are a number of tools and techniques to accomplish the job among which one easiest is to make use of Photoshop.

3. Using the Right CDN

CDN is the Content Delivery Network that is used to distribute static web files much faster to the visitors from a server location that is nearer to them than the site’s server. This makes the website even faster than its original speed. CDN or the content delivery network ensures that a visitor is served with faster loading websites that enhance the overall web serving experience. CDN service providers ensure their robust presence over a particular area to fetch the web elements much faster to visitors.

Content Delivery Network

4. Remove Inactive Plugins

Being WordPress lovers, we all love to explore the capabilities of newly introduced Plugins. Thus, in a way or other, we all are guilty for installing even those that are really not required over the websites. This creates a pile of unused plugins that is just adding to slowing down the website speed. Therefore, we recommend removing all those plugins that are not really used.

5. Keeping the WordPress Version up-to-date

WordPress is improving day in and day out with the release of new WordPress versions that are really outstanding from the previous ones. Thus, to get a more robust WordPress platform, it is important to keep your WordPress version up-to-date. Thus, ensure you get the latest stable installation as soon as possible. These new WordPress versions have improved the functionality in terms of safety speed and other such concerns.

Final thoughts

Things improve when you have a faster loading website. Users are always in to take a speedy drive through WordPress websites and they are likely to remain interested in browsing through your website if it’s loading fast and serving exceptionally well with user-centric content. Therefore, do invest your time over your WordPress website to offer an outstanding experience to the users with the help of above-mentioned useful tricks.

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