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How To Build Mobile Apps With WordPress

Perhaps your mobile app or blog is running on another platform and due for an update, or probably you’re just getting started, and you’ve heard a lot about what WordPress can do. Whatever the reason may be, you’ll get some basic information on building apps with WordPress in this article. When you are planning on visiting the store or retrieving data, it is imperative to have in mind that you’re not building a whole new content from scratch. You are making use of WordPress to give you access to the benefits that have been accrued from the years of work which has gone into the development. WordPress’s main architecture of pages and posts can be made to perform on different types of content as you which.

Content Management/Databases Architecture

Making use of custom post enhances a better integration with a large number of related plugins of WordPress which you may like to use in your project. Furthermore, the WordPress database structure was never designed with a wide variety of custom fields at the initial stage. However, it is a difficult situation to integrate this with other similar database applications. For this particular reason, many app and plugin developers decided to add a different database platform for their services. Although while this action may increase the flexibility and performance, it will make everything harder in the integration of data between the one on their platform with WordPress plugins. Whether you’ve decided to use the custom kind of post or probably a different table before creating your custom makeup for the management of data, it’s worth considering the framework plugins of WordPress development. These varieties of plugins, such as the custom field suite, easy content type, pods, toolset, and Advanced Custom Fields already possess much of everything you require to extend the WordPress’s database capacity to meet your needs.

Creating Your App’s API

The application protocol interface is the basic tool that is used to communicate between websites and apps. If you wish for your app to blend in with other services like Basecamp, your app will be communicating with Basecamp service’s API. Although you may not need to acquire your API to be integrated with other services, it may simply make the whole process easier. When you build something with a popular product that works, you have access to leverage on their unique established user base. Just as the back-end content management of WordPress and the extensive system of plugins is so unique, the front-end template system was never built to suit the modern web applications. Traditionally, WordPress has majored around a server-side processing through PHP–it has been evolving rapidly to convey more client-based JavaScript. This is true with the WordPress back-end, as most of the present rewriting has made use of the Underscores and Backbone JavaScript libraries.

These days, most mobile apps especially, are client-based apps which minimize page load. Despite this improvement, WordPress’s theme architecture is based mainly on the needs of your blog. All of this has to do with the reliability of PHP for the template system. One main disadvantage of a WordPress theme is the absence of separation of concerns.–Separation of concerns is the law in software development which states that files of a different category should perform a different task.

User Interface Frameworks

Working with a UI framework will save you much time in the whole development process, most especially during the early stages. But there is a risk involved, that may end up with an interface that is so generic when using any popular User Interface framework. And at the same time, there is a great pride in being able to get access to these well-established designing patterns that builders commonly use anytime they interact with mobile apps and the web. Designing a UI that is very functional and unique takes the effort of a talented designer irrespective of the starting point–either from the scratch or the framework level. Working with an app builder sometimes may just be the only way out for you if you are not technical improved, and probably you don’t want to employ the expertise of a developer. App builders are available for almost any kind of app out there; you should be able to design something that works without using up much money. Nevertheless, if you like to use a lot of customization, or a deeper sense of WordPress integration, then you may just be very disappointed.

Designing a custom app with the use of WP-API or a framework like Ionic will get you a very fast and high-quality application. You can do many things you like to do, like building functionalities for offline use, custom design, and any feature you need. If you choose to integrate the WordPress plugins, you have to build everything basically on your own, like using Gravity Forms for form processing. Integrating a custom code on WordPress requires you to be thinking real hard about security, and it will need so much custom code. If you are so keen on an app which resembles your WordPress site, probably you are making use of so much custom plugins, AppPresser is just right for you. It is a very affordable and fast way to transfigure your site into an app.

Deployment and Hosting

For a mobile app or website to be very successful, speed is very crucial. Budget hosting isn’t an option for any of these designing projects. However, there are so many hosting options out there. When deciding the host, you may want to be on the lookout for scalability, ease of deployments, SSH access and new versions of MySQL and PHP. Whether you decide to pick a controlled WordPress host like the WP Engine or by using any cloud hosting services like Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, or Digital Ocean depends mainly on the skills or needs of your team. One major challenge when it comes to developing and testing the app is in the management of its dependencies of third parties like plugins, libraries, and WordPress in your app.


The success and uniqueness of WordPress have brought about varieties of options for designing mobile apps and web pages. Although these building processes are not so simple to carry out, with talented developers, proper planning, and assistance from the proper combination of tools, they are achievable. It doesn’t matter what you are in search of, whether you want to turn your unique idea from its raw state to the next beautiful app, or a developer that needs something new and different to give your clients WordPress is one of your best bets.

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