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Few Helpful Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Based Website


Every website faces downtime especially the heavy websites which have a good amount of images, videos, and audio. Slowness and lag are some of the most common issues encountered by the sites. Every business owner, having a site promoting their service or product wants to give their customers a great browsing experience. Customers will always come back to a fast and efficiently running website.

In case you have an HTML based website then first the thing you should do is to convert that site from HTML to WordPress, which will automatically enhance the performance and loading of your site. If your portal is still facing uploading issues, then you can hire a reliable and experienced website developer who will detect and eliminate the cause of slowness.

Given below are few tips which will surely help you enhance the loading speed of your site:  

Overloading of Homepage :

When a website is opened the homepage is the first page displayed to the visitors. Maximum traffic occurs on this page and hence one must make sure that the site’s homepage is clean, simple, and loads up fast. A few second delay in its loading will redirect the viewer to a different website.

Core Caching :

A WP powered site runs slowly when the amount of content inside it, is huge. The way to overcome this problem is by installing cache solution known as W3. This W3 cache solution maintains all the web pages in a static HTML format. Due to this pages are loaded faster and also take less amount of space.

Shared Hosting :

If the hosting service which you are using for your website is underpowered then it can make your make site terribly slow. It is always better to use a high quality web hosting service that ensures high-speed loading and zero downtime.

Use of Media :

If your site has a good amount of videos, images and audio then it will affect the speed and performance. The size of media directly affects the loading speed of the WordPress based website. Hence it is always recommended to lower the size of an image, bring down the number of advertisements and streamline media as much as possible.

Plugins :

WordPress based sites can consists of multiple plugins. But if the plugin has a poorly written code then it can be the cause of slowness of the website. It is hence important you install reliable plugins on your site. It is recommended that you run the profiler test which efficiently measures how much loading time is getting affected.

Usage of Controllers :

Control panel of WP websites use two kinds of handlers. These handlers manage the PHP based controllers known as DSO & SUPHP. By default a WordPress based site uses SUPHP. When the website gets a lot of traffic especially during a particular period, it eventually slows down the site.

Conclusion :

These small but efficient steps will surely bring down the slowness of your site. If you don’t have any technical knowledge, then you can take help of an experienced web developer who have vast knowledge and proper tools & techniques at their disposal that assist them in enhancing the efficiency and upload speed of the website.

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