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The Impact of Various Colours in an App Design

Colour is the most important aspect of an app design. It has the potential to communicate well with your customers visually. The importance of colour and visual impact is big. Because it is a language from which people get influenced psychologically, physically as well as socially. It helps to set the mood as you would want for your design.

Thus, at the starting stage of mobile app development, choosing the right colour is of greatest importance. There are a few ways how colour influences an app design.

  • It improves object recognition.
  • It enhances the meaning like bright colours represent something of value.
  • It helps to establish an identity of the brand or product.
  • It elicits symbolic of ideas, concepts and feelings.
  • It also helps to improve usability.
  • The wise use of colour helps to communicate the mood.
  • It eases the way of expressing metaphors on an app.

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If you are curious to know how and which colour impacts what part of our life, here is a list of colours that will help you incorporate into your designs.

  1. When should you use a green colour for an app design?

Green is for health related apps.

It is identified as the colour of nature. It is tranquil and symbolises freshness, growth, hope and harmony. So, if you are going to build an app related to health, relaxation, nature, etc., you must consider using green colour. There are apps like Whatsapp, Evernote, Vine, Water Drink Reminder, Health Tips, Relaxing sounds, a few to name, who have used green colour in their design. If we talk about dark green then it is associated with money.

  1. When should you use a blue colour for an app design?

Blue goes with tech.

The blue colour is usually known as masculine colour. However, this is somewhere connected with the depth, stability and a sense of peace. It is also associated with security, trust, loyalty, wisdom, expertise, and intelligence. Though in various shades, but all the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Skype, are blue in colour. Because they know that colour blue is often attributed with calming and meditative effects. This apart, travel industries are also known for commonly using blue colour for their app.

  1. When should you use a red colour for an app design?

Red is for fast food or food delivery apps.

We all know that the red colour is a symbol of love, it’s intense. So any kind of dating apps would go with red. Apart from this, the red colour is also known for power, passion, desire, etc. It also enhances human appetite. Mostly, you will see food-related businesses use red colour for their branding.

  1. When should you use a yellow colour for an app design?

Yellow is suitable for game apps.

It is associated mostly with happiness, excitement, enthusiasm and high-energy. It gives pleasant feeling and arouses cheerfulness. So game apps are the perfect category for yellow colour. For any caution sign also you can use yellow or close to this like orange colour for the design.

  1. When should you use a purple colour for an app design?

Royalty, luxury, power, ambition are a few words that are known to be associated with the purple colour. It also enhances creativity. It is popularly known to be used for brands who seeks to appear regal or innovative.

  1. When should you use a black colour for an app design?

When designing your app using black colour, make sure you keep this colour away from orange and yellow. Because the colour yellow and orange are already overpowering. It is normally associated with elegance, power, strength and stability. It is a good idea to have black colour in any app, but too much of it can be overwhelming.

  1. When should you use a white colour for an app design?

This colour makes you creative, as it offers a clean and blank canvas. You just simply have to design what users want. That’s why it is associated with a sense of creativity, purity and cleanliness.

  1. When should you use a pink colour for an app design?

The most delicate feminine colour, pink represents cuteness, romantic, tenderness, flower, babies, etc. Apps that are girly can have the pink colour design. You will often see photo editing apps are pink in colour. So, that also comes under the pink category.

  1. When should you use a grey colour for an app design?

They are cool, neutral and balanced. It typically associated with formal and sophisticated things. It also represents maturity, security and dependability. Apps like enterprise, jewellery, or any kind of sophisticated products can use grey colour for their design.


Lack of understanding in colours, using too many or too less or using colours that would fail to communicate well together can take your customers away. For example, Discover Nature app (DNA), which has blue as the prime colour. Keeping in mind that DNA is a travel app, Riktam has designed and developed this app using meaningful colours such as blue, grey, and white that communicate the concept and feeling of the app accurately.

While making your own mobile app, this article will surely help you choosing the right colour to convey the message. You can easily understand which colour would go for your service or product. 

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