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Avoid These Six Mobile App Design Mistakes To Build A Successful App

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In today’s world where making use of a smartphone is as common as water. You turn around and hardly see anyone without a mobile phone. Cell phones are popular for one reason; lots of new apps in one device.

In a typical setting, an app developer creates an app and puts it out to download and people go for it because of the exciting features. However, a lot of apps don’t meet up to standard or get traction in the market due to either app malfunctioning or faulty design.

This article will highlight to you, the common design mistakes most app developers get into so you can avoid them yourself.

1. Unsuitable Design for Fingers

In the process of developing your app, try to make your targets so big for users to touch them quickly. A lot of apps these days are fond of designing smaller touch targets, this makes it harder to hit than larger ones. With small touch target, users will be required to make more effort before hitting a target.

Users are needed to use the pads of their fingers to hit a target and not their fingertips, so as an app developer, you might want to avoid using small touch targets to make your app and make it more user-friendly.

2. Poor User Experience (UX)

It is essential to note that designing your app to be user-friendly, will create a far more user experience (UX), being that this user experience is the most crucial aspect for any app developer. To boost your app and make it more user-friendly, think like a user while designing it – it will help broaden your perception about what your user wants.

3. Unsuitable Color Choices

Choosing improper colors for designing your app is vital. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration first, before giving that app design the most suitable color to attract users.

Picking the right colors is one of the complicated parts of developing an app. Every color has its psychological response. So you need to opt for the perfect color with the right amount of contrast for the app to succeed.

4. Not Using a Prototype

A lot of app developers launch their mobile app development company without introducing a prototype that will be tested by others. Presenting a prototype helps to get feedback from users, and also notice any flaws the app may have and help edit any error before releasing.

Presenting a prototype identifies error or mistake in the design of the app. It also allows developers to know if their audience dislikes the app or not.

5. Creating Mobile Apps Just Like Desktop Versions

Most mobile apps are a smaller version of the desktop. They deliver practically the same experience, but on a smaller screen. Whereas, a mobile app provides far more new opportunities for its users.

Gathering all the information given on the desktop into cell phones is bound to be a time and space consuming job for both the users and app developers. So providing only the essential content on your mobile app makes it easier for users to use.

6. Placing Your App in the Market Without a Plan

Many app developers are guilty of this. They usually publish their apps into the market without due process. They neither have a marketing plan/strategy just in case, and this can result in failure and lack of revenue as well for their app. So before introducing your app to the market, check to see where you can promote your app first I’m ordered to see the reaction of your target market.

Bottom Line

Avoiding these common app mistakes can increase the chances of developing your app on time. It can also help raise your revenue.


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