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8 Common Mistakes in Using Marketing Automation

8 Common Mistakes in Using Marketing Automation

If you are a marketer, you often think of ways on how to get things done faster and easier and get an edge among competitors in the market. Regardless of the niche your business belongs, seeking for ways to make your current marketing strategy be more effective is always necessary. Good thing is tons of great resources and innovations are developed in the marketing industry nowadays; one of which is marketing automation.

Marketing automation brings so many benefits to businesses for the daily marketing activities. Going from manual to the automatic way leaves every marketing team a job that is a lot lighter and possibly, more enjoyable. However, if not used correctly, all the enticing benefits can be hard to reach. Therefore, knowing the basic “know-hows” of the tool is extremely necessary to avoid pitfalls.

This article sums up 8 common pitfalls in using marketing automation software that makes the tool worthless. Read through to know how marketing automation software works and how should it be used the right way.

Lack of Marketing Strategy Plan

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” When dealing with marketing strategy, a comprehensive planning should take the top spot of your to-do list. Marketing operations fail because of lack of proper planning. You may have all the right tools and resources you need but if you don’t have a systematic plan, you are putting everything at risk.

Without a well-planned marketing strategy is like climbing on a mountain without a map or a compass, you will never know the way up or back, and eventually get lost. It goes through with marketing automation; the marketer needs to remember that the software is just a tool, all the other things rely on the user, and thus, taking some time to plan should be done prior to taking all the other steps.

A good marketing strategy plan is setting standards to group of audiences is target. How would you like to reach them? How would you deal with leads generated and plan the best possible way to make these leads be converted to paying customers?

Low Content Quality

Content are the bread and butter of the whole marketing strategy; without them, you will have no way to reach your audience. It is the best possible way to gauge interest and generate leads. As a marketer, great content are probably one of the things you dedicate most of your time. But the question is, does your audience really find your contents helpful and interesting?

There are many considerations before sending emails and other marketing campaigns to people; one is their interest and preferences. Many send campaigns to people with content that are completely irrelevant to them. Marketing automation platforms help you identify what content are right according to the segmented leads generated by the tool. You need to utilize the use of the software to help you know the right content to publish. A good content are something interesting, relevant and offer solutions.

Leads Mismanagement

Lead management refers to tracking and managing prospects essential for every business; it is when they know who the best leads are and find ways to make its marketing strategy be more efficient and effective. Through this process, you will be able to know how a particular lead behaves and converts a prospect to a paying customer.

All types of marketing automation software allow you to manage your leads. Failure to do will make the tool useless. Leads management should be given enough priority since having a lead is closest to winning a sale. Overlooking the importance of leads management is like doing marketing but not for gaining customers.

No Segmentation

Even the most rubbish marketing automation software allows you to segment your leads, many are unaware that these are crucial to the overall marketing system. Without software, it would be hard for every marketer to create content that gauge interest to audiences. Certain content may not always be for everybody; if you create one that talks about autumn and winter fashion and send it to people who live in tropical areas, all goes to waste.

Proper segmentation allows you to classify audiences according to behavior and interests; thus, helping you think of content that people will find interesting and relevant. When using a marketing automation app, make sure you set the right standards and restrictions on your software segmentation tool to make sure you only publish certain contents to people who can relate to it the most.

Too Much Focus on Selling

One of your main goals as a marketer is to sell what your business offers. However, too much focus and emphasis on the desire to sell can put prospects off. Although, to win sales should be the purpose of marketing, too much of it is never good. Most people prefer something that help them come up with solution of whatever they are dealing but they are also going to be pleased with something that will make them feel nurtured without having the pressure to hand out money abruptly.

Marketing automation helps you reach the right people, so you should not utilize it for the sole purpose of selling only. Building a good reputation through highly targeted contents and personalized emails is one of the best benefits of marketing automation software.

Wrong Choice of Software

Choosing a marketing automation platform is crucial to your overall marketing automation. As a marketer, you need to be aware that there are many types of marketing automation software so it’s important to consider what your business marketing system needs and the problems need solutions with.

To help you decide with the software to choose, check on marketing automation software reviews to know the best tool that fits your needs. There are offers for marketing automation software free trial , which will help you get an access of the tool and see if you can get along with it or not. Remember, it is important to do thorough research before buying one; many marketers make the mistake of rushing to buy software, which does not actually help them elevate their marketing.

Software That Don’t Fit Your Budget

Although there are many free marketing automation software over the web. If you choose to use free software, chances are not all tools you need for your marketing system are available; if there is, the software asks you to avail for upgrades and require fees for the particular software.

Sending Too Many Messages

One of the most common mistakes a marketer makes in using marketing automation tool is sending too many email marketing campaigns. Marketing automation has features that allow you to automatically send email campaigns to segmented email lists; a lot of marketers have made the mistake of bombarding their subscribers with tons of emails. By doing this, you might make your way into your recipient’s spam box.

To avoid this make sure to set the right schedule in sending emails. Being able to automatically send email campaigns to multiple subscribers is undeniably great but should be utilized the right way.


“Everyone makes mistakes” as a saying goes, but if you have the ability to evade it then it would make things a whole lot better. This article explains how to avoid the common mistakes when using marketing automation system. Marketing automation is an excellent tool but make sure to make the most of the software of your choice and consider doing research first before buying one.

Looking for the right marketing automation software? Check out marketing automation software reviews of to know the most updated list of the top marketing automation software.

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