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Why You Need to Have Email in Marketing Automation Software

why-you-need-to-have-email-in-marketing-automation-software-1With the many features of marketing automation right now, why would you focus on email marketing automation? It is because email marketing is an important and effective way for marketing businesses today. They are timely, customized and is very significant to your customers. Because of that, it has a higher chance to be seen, checked and clicked by your customers and be able to bring revenue to your business.

Marketing automation software is a great way to transform your company’s output in your marketing strategies. It provides you an increased engagement for your customers while saving you time as long as you have the right strategies. This article focuses on email in marketing automation and why it’s vital to you.

It’s the Most Direct Way to Contact Online.

The most direct way to contact anybody online is by email. Not only that, it provides a one on one, personalized content. In addition, people tend to use their email addresses for a long time, so you can regularly use that email to directly contact them. The top marketing automation software should have email as a priority in communications. Customers usually open their emails or a daily or weekly basis. To be effective in using emails, your content must be:

  1. Your customers are able to open and read the email because they know it’s from a trusted resource. You should also be able to meet your customers’ expectations by providing accurate content.
  2. Your content always has a purpose. It should be appropriate and delivered at the right time with the right customer. In order to do this, you should know the preference of your customers and behaviors.
  3. By measuring your metrics and analyzing their effectiveness, you should be able to segment your emails to be strategic, increasing the chance of customer engagement.
  4. Having customized and personalized content all the time without sounding like a robot will definitely increase the chance for your customers to stay engaged with you. The feeling of being valued will
  5. Synchronized with other channels of contact. Aside from emails, all other forms of contact can be coordinated to ensure that your customers’ user experience is reliable and progressive.

Email Has the Ability to Connect to Any Device, on Any Platform.

By using email, you’ll be able to reach your customers easily on any device they use as long as they have an Internet connection. You can also use the top marketing automation software to connect your marketing strategies using email to other social media platforms such as Facebook. It is an effective way to reach out to your customers that has multiple marketing platforms. Just remember to provide relevant content as real-time as possible.

Email Helps Your Company Grow.

Marketing Automation Software uses email to make your company grow by doing the following:

  1. Save money. You don’t use paper by going digital. This helps you with paper costs, mail and postage fees.
  2. Save time. You’ll be able to send messages faster than regular snail mail.
  3. Establishes relationships with your target market. Email helps you keep connected with your leads and customers. It also increases the chance of referrals.
  4. Increase your reliability. Consistent, accurate and quality emails will develop the trust of your target audience. Promoting and marketing your products will be effortless because they trust your company.
  5. Gives out new opportunities. It can provide you more opportunities for new leads and other marketing opportunities.
  6. Increases your brand recognition. Increasing brand awareness will let everyone be familiar with your company name and the products and services you provide.
  7. Increase your network. It helps you expand your target audience by building you a list of potential leads. Just remember to promote your products and services in a clear yet informative manner.
  8. Keeps your customers up-to-date. You can provide your customers with what’s happening to your business by letting them know the new products and services you’re offering.

By using email, it gives you more chances of profits and opportunities for your business. It’s useful for business communication and it’s a great tool used daily by sales and marketing teams.

You Use Email for Analysis.

Email can be used to connect your marketing channels collectively. To have an effective analysis, do the following steps:

  1. Categorize your campaign correctly.
  2. Understand your customers and how can you provide with the best products and services while making an impact with your business.
  3. Use your company’s branding in order for your customers to associate your brand.

You can research on what kind of marketing analysis a software with marketing automation has by reading’s marketing automation software reviews.

Email Is the Foundation of Online Communication.

Email marketing automation tools has become more value-oriented. Even though it’s the basis of online communication, it’s very effective in finding potential leads. It’s the easiest way to send data to a huge number of people, whether or not they are potential leads or existing customers. You’ll also be able to track your return of investment and can be a great source of revenue.

Here are some ways you can improve your email marketing automation tool by providing these relevant content. These are:

Nurturing campaigns

Nurturing campaigns help with your sales team to have your prospective leads become customers by guiding them on your products and services. You need to have patience when running a nurture campaign because there is a certain workflow you need to follow in order to pull it off. Once someone responds to your nurturing campaign, your email marketing automation software should be able to let your sales team know about it and provide rapport to the customer immediately. This can lead to a genuine interest of your products and services and may need a further explanation or a demonstration of it. According to com’s survey, there is a 20% increase of sales opportunities if you have nurtured campaigns versus the non-nurtured campaigns.

A good example of nurturing campaigns needs to provide relevant content to the users. They are quick, simple and focused on one topic with a call-to-action to let them know what you want them to do.


Auto-responders are a sequence of messages that is being sent to your subscribers or customers depending on the order or the frequency you choose. If set up correctly auto-responders are very handy especially if you want to provide content with a lot of users but not necessarily at the same time. The best thing about auto-responders is that you can use it for anything and of course, saves you a lot of time.

Good examples of auto-responders are quick tidbits to let customers know that you care about them such as sending them birthday greetings or provide them offers available to them. You can also let them gentle reminders that their bill needs to be paid in a couple of days or if they need to renew their contract soon.

Invitational emails

Invitational emails are a good way to invite people to what’s happening in your business, whether it is a special campaign, a webinar, a guest hosting or other events. Just remember that even if a large number of people indicated they are attending, it does not mean that all of them are going to be able to be there.

Good examples of invitational emails are video tutorials, webinars and guest speaker hosting. It should be something that interests many people or something they have in common. To make sure you have a higher chance of respondents attending, give gentle reminders on the event before it happens.

Identifier emails

Identifier emails are created to pinpoint where your customers are in the buying journey. In order to do this, you need to use hyper-targeted customized subject lines and have several offers in your email

Good example of identifier emails are very short yet mysterious emails that will keep your users knowing and searching for more.

Sharing content emails

Sharing content emails are often used in tandem with nurturing campaigns. It increases awareness of your brand. It has a different style in providing content by having at most three sentences and use rich text formatting instead of HTML. It’s more personalized because you use an actual employee’s name from your company instead of just your company’s name.

Good examples of sharing content emails are about popular topics with a good storyline and additional content such as a trailer video or a guest posting. It should be easy to share it, generating links and increasing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) success.

Use these great tips to improve your marketing automation strategies. By mastering all of these, you’ll be able to boost your nurturing campaigns, increase your leads and become more successful in the business. To know more about them, look at’s article about the 5 needed types of emails for your marketing automation.

Your marketing automation tool will not work unless you use it properly. It’s about how you evaluate and utilize your customers’ database to increase your business profits and growth. It’s not a magic solution that will solve all your problems but if it is used well with the right software, it will increase your revenues and enhance your sales and marketing team.

As you build your marketing automation plan, you might need to include a software to oversee this process. Do some research and ask a lot of questions before buying. Be prepared to evaluate and test them first. Choosing the right software can be easy by reading’s marketing automation software reviews. These reviews are done by a lot of people with unbiased opinions about the software. So why not take a look and act now?


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