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What Are Top 5 Project Management Software and How Is It Helpful

What Are Top 5 Project Management Software and How Is It Helpful

Running and managing projects can be more, often than not, complex and can be dependent on various factors, departments, or outcomes. This complexity includes having to organize the workflow that is involved in the project, all resources necessary, and tracking the progress to avoid delays and reduce unnecessary costs and expenses.

Project management applications are available to help carry out the many tasks of running a project. This helps in the scheduling of tasks, budget management, cost control, resource allocation, communication, collaboration, documentation, quality management, and administration. It can also be utilized to deal with the uncertainties in the estimates of the allotted time or duration of certain tasks, arrange tasks to meet deadlines and avoid delays, and do multiple tasks at the same time.

A project management software is specifically designed to handle all the aspects and help carry out the complexities of running even large projects while keeping the costs down.

Types of Project Management Software

There are various types of project management applications that you can choose from. This will depend on what type you need, what features and functions you are looking for, and what software system you are willing to spend for.

1. Desktop. Buying a project management software in a desktop package typically gives the most graphically-intense style and responsive interface. Desktop applications normally store data in a file but it also has the ability to allow for collaborations with other users or store data in a central database.

2. Client Server. Server-based project management software systems are designed to support the access to multiple users who works on the different parts and aspects of the project. This stores the data in a central system and also allows collaboration with other tools.

3. Cloud-based. Cloud-based project management solutions enable access to the system through an intranet, extranet, and the internet using a web browser. This gives access to people from any type of computer system without the need of installing it into each system. A cloud-based software automatically updates and maintains with the help of the service provider. It comes with a monthly subscription that can be cheaper in terms of initial investment.

4. Integrated. An integrated type of system combines the project management and project planning with other aspects of business tasks in one software system.

Top Project Management Software Programs

Choosing the reliable and best software to incorporate in your business can be tricky at times. There are a lot of project management software programs available in the market. You need to find the best one that has the functions and features you are looking for. The top project management software from user reviews will also help you choose the right one for your business.

  1. Clarizen

Managing projects and connecting the enterprise can be made easier with Clarizen. You can do all these by using a single and intuitive collaborative work management solution.

With Clarizen, you get configurable workflows to fit how you do business. It features in-context collaboration to centralize, share your resources, develop strategies, and align communications, and automated business processes, alerts, and workflows. A 360 degrees real-time visibility is also available in Clarizen to ensure accuracy in data-based decisions. It also has a flexible and intuitive interface and dynamic reports and dashboards to effectively track the progress of each project.

Clarizen’s planning features allow you to scope, size, estimate, schedule, and staff your project in detail through its collaborative work management solution. This also allows you to set a baseline on how to measure project success and progress. With the Clarizen’s automated demand management, you can automate and repeat how you create workflows for a project, plan initiatives, and even capture ideas.

With this, you spend lesser time in doing administrative tasks and focus more on what really matters.

  1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time tracking software that allows screenshots, App and Internet monitoring, employee payroll system, and more than 30 integrations.

The Hubstaff time tracking system can run as an application on a desktop or as a mobile app that makes it easy to track time according to what is more convenient to you. This effective time tracking feature will then allow you to invoice your clients, pay employees, and see in-depth and detailed reporting.

The employee time tracking system is well-suited for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and an Android. The lightweight desktop timers can take screenshots and measure the activity levels to help easily monitor the employees who are working remotely. The mobile app even allows time-tracking when working or driving and also offers fleet and employee location tracking using GPS.

Hubstaff’s powerful features include managing budgets and time limits, automatic payroll with online payment methods and URL and application monitoring to also track which applications and URLs your employees are browsing.

  1. Easy Projects

There is a better way to manage your projects than using Excel or MS Projects and that is using Easy Projects. You can replace the mess of using spreadsheets, whiteboards, and emails with a simple workspace that can help your team collaborate better.

Easy Projects can help your team in marketing and creative services which automates incoming requests, provides access to a portal for customers, templates for recurring projects, real-time collaboration, and easy file sharing. This project management software provides tools such as an interactive Gantt chart, portfolio management, resource loadings, and what-if simulations to help deliver your projects without delays and on a budget.

Easy Project is a single reliable platform to help you manage all your projects, resources, timelines, and your budget.

  1. Basecamp

Basecamp is a management system that helps organize your projects, internal communications, and client work in one place and in one central system. With Basecamp in your home screen, you can have access to view every aspect of your business.

Everything you need in a project management software is present in Basecamp. From organizing your to-do list, setting due dates for tasks and assigning it to the right employees, chat with the team in real-time, share files and quotes, upload documents and files, comment, and edit to make new versions, to tracking the complete history of all the changes.

With Basecamp, you can get the perfect bird’s eye view of all the activities and task’s updates and progress of your project. This will help you make sure you never miss a thing and finish your project without any delay.

  1. Trello

Trello as a project management software program lets you work more collaboratively and get more tasks done. Its boards, lists, and cards authorize organization and prioritization of projects in a fun but a flexible and rewarding way. Trello creates a very visual way for teams to collaborate in working on a specific project and gives access to information at a glance. Work with any team and Trello will still keep you organized and collaborate on every project from beginning to end.

With Trello, you get a productive platform that supports integrations with other solutions that you already have. It has a notification system to quickly stay in touch with everything that happens. Wherever you are, Trello can stay in sync to all of your devices. This will enable you to continue working even outside the office and work with your team from anywhere. Be it an iPhone, iPad, tablets, Android phones, or even your watches, Trello works wherever you are.

Trello’s iOS and Android apps are specifically designed to be easy to use and very helpful even on the go.

How Project Management Software Helps Your Business

A project management software can provide a solution that can help ventures keep their business processes organized. Although every project management system is differently built with their own set of features, they all share the common benefits and advantages they give to a business.

1. Delegate Tasks. A project management software will allow you to easily delegate tasks depending on the skills and abilities of the employees. Scheduling tasks using the system will also provide access to certain information and resources in order to complete the task.

2. Collaboration on Projects. The project management software allows employees to collaborate with the whole team working on the same project by sharing documents, timelines, and real-time status updates.

3. Stay on Schedule. One of the important aspects of managing a project is to efficiently do it to prevent any delays. With the help of a project management software, you can add the information regarding the start and expected completion date of a certain project. This will allow the whole team to stay on schedule and finish all tasks on or before the due date.

4. Track Progress of Projects. With a project management software, you can track the progress of each project. This will give you notifications on certain projects that have been completed where employees can also provide updates on the tasks they are working on. This software will eliminate the need to do status update meetings and email threads.

5. Communication with Clients and Vendors. A project management software can provide clients with certain access to project files in the system. This will allow them to review business transactions and progress and give feedbacks or corrections.

Choosing the best project management software program can be easier if you know the features and functions you are looking for. To know more about project management systems and how to choose the right one, visit and read our reviews for more software choices.

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