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Top Project Management Software For Small Businesses in 2017

Projects can be hard to manage. We all need a little extra help to make a project successful. To make sure that you are progressing towards your goal, you need to keep things in check.

Moreover, losing your data can also be a headache. And do not get me started on the disseminated data. When your data is scattered into many different places, it can be time taking to get information out of it.

It is good that we have project management software, which can help us manage our projects very well. There are many project managing software on the internet, with open source license. We have some of the best for you here today. Keep on reading to find them out.

Project management software helps you in maintaining your projects efficiently. The most common features a person should look for in a project management software are an ability to communicate with your teammates, data organization, data storage, and other stuff like that. Following are some of the top ranked project management software of 2017.


Wrike is a very efficient software to manage your projects. It has a very easy to use user interface. Once you enter the details in the software, it tells you about how much time you will need to finish the project, and it will also keep reminding you of your progress via notifications.

Wrike has so many integrated services in it, which can make any task easier. For example, you can use Google apps, Microsoft Excel, Dropbox and many other tools with it.

But it is only good for the small collaborations. Because after five members, you will have to pay $49 for the business plan.


It is safe to say that Asana is one of the most popular project management software of all time. Asana has more than thirteen thousand reviews on Capterra. And the best thing about these reviews is most of them are positive. It has the rating of 4.5 out of 5.

The co-founder of Facebook is the designer of Asana. Asana is the best for the real-time interactions.

Asana allows users to realize what their goal is, how much time it can take to reach that goal, and you can also set priorities to all of your tasks.

In the latest updates, Asana can also run the android applications as well. The only con of Asana is its non-usability without the internet. It does not provide you the offline use.


I will not be exaggerating when I will say that it is one the best software for your company. Even if you are managing a small project, getting this software can help you a lot. Freedcamp is a very budget friendly software. The best part about this software is that an unlimited number of people can join it, and you can enter an unlimited number of projects in it. Plus, it also has unlimited storage.

You can also limit the privilege of users. It also offers you tracking of time, templates, and invoicing. It also has its very own iOS application. It has only one drawback. And that is the absence of some features. These features are Gantt charts, recurring tasks, task dependencies, etc.


Bitrix24 is also a very powerful and efficient project management software. With a free version, unlimited users can join the service. However, we cannot say the same about storage. It gives you 5GB of space, with a free version. If you want more, you can always buy more storage.

You can either use its cloud storage, or you can link it with your company’s server. It has all the necessary features a project management system needs. For example, video chat, conference call, and instant messaging. You can also make subtasks of a task. You can also include checklists to keep track of your project’s progress.


AceProject is a web-based project management app. The software is laden with rich features for management of tasks, timesheets, documents & expenses. AceProject helps the Project Managers stay on top of the projects as they can get to know what exactly is going in the project in real-time. The accurate report-generation enabled by the software allows greater efficiency , better resource allocation and accountability.


Basecamp project management software helps organize projects, internal communications and client work – all in one single place. This helps in centralization of all the data related to projects and tasks. The software brings-in organization and centralization of everything so that everyone knows where things stand and everyone knows what to do. The allocation of required resources also becomes easy with Basecamp. This project management software’s features helps organize tasks, set due dates and assign responsibility. The notification feature in the software alerts the responsible people if anything’s late or requires follow-up.


Trello is another popular project management software. It lets people collaborate on projects and tasks in real-time. This increases the efficiency of the people involved and also gets more work done in less time. Trello’s features such as boards, lists and cards help Project Managers organize and prioritize the projects easily and with utmost flexibility. The Project Managers and the people involved can go deeper into project management and collaboration by adding attachments and comments directly onto the Trello cards. Trello has become highly popular among companies and organizations due to its utmost organization capability. Another plus point of the software is that one can stay in sync across all the devices regardless of his/her location. This enables complete collaboration among team members.

Zoho Project:

Zoho Projects is a very helpful tool to handle your projects, small or large. It can boost all the features that you use separately. For example, Reporting, Google Apps, Dropbox, bug tracking, and extra.

Zoho projects have many pricing plans. But it also comes with a free version, Free version, is missing a lot of good specialties. For example, a limited number of people can join in, there is a limited storage, and other limitations like that.


GanttProject is also an open-source project management software. This software has a little complex interface than other software mentioned in this article. The main reason this software is in this list is that it can generate reports in the format of HTML and PDF as well. With GanttProject you can easily, and quickly create a task, and plan for that task. You can set goals, and it will keep reminding you of it.

As we discussed before that it is a complex software, we do not recommend this software, if you are not familiar with project management software. is also an open-source project management software. It is free for one person to use. Or you can say it is free for one project. This software does not limit its features in free version. When it came to the market, it was not a fully functioning project management software, but now it is.

This software is only for the small business owners. It will fail to serve a big business, with a lot of data and planning.


There are many project management software out there, and you cannot possibly choose the best one on your first try. But, I do not think that it is a problem. The thing is, you can try as many as you can. It is because almost every project management software has a trial version. It gives you the exact idea of the software and it’s different features!



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