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How the Best ERP Software Boosts Organization Productivity

How the Best ERP Software Boosts Organization Productivity1

Companies at present are keeping an eye on new trends and technology in the market that will give their company or group a competitive advantage over the other competitors. Tight competition nowadays is brought about by the invisible hand of the market where more and more sophisticated startup and companies are entering the battle for profit. In the US, only 40% of new businesses last up to six years or more. This is the case in the creation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software which gives the company a leverage to make things easier than it used to be and, consequently, generate more revenues and savings. ERP software has various forms and modes, ranging from human resource modules to inventory management modules. This software ensures that company managers can pinpoint the exact solution to their firm’s persisting problems leading to inefficiency and loss. How exactly does the ERP aid in generating more profit for the company? In detail, this software can do various processes that the company might be taking for granted but is actually affecting their profitability in the long run.

Saves Time for Manual Processes

Manual processes take up too much time and costs from a company. Intercompany transactions might be delayed due to heavy traffic, severe weather condition, or personnel incompetence. We are not even talking yet about the papers and redundant information taking up spaces of warehouses and memory hard drives. ERP software can help the firm in this aspect by taking over these manual and redundant processes. Softwares such as Infor Cloudsyte Industrial (Syteline) can help the company save on personnel and administrative costs such as those for accounting, invoicing, procurement, and time and expense tracking. Bundled with a user-friendly interface, comprehensive systems ensure that the company has continuity without the usual hassle of the old business processes and, in turn, makes you focus on the business parts that need the most attention. ERP software reviews are among the many proofs of the capability of this system to really deliver desirable benefits.

Boosts Customer Interaction for More Revenues

Customer Relationship Management Tools are now in demand among the competitive firms. This helps in a lot of business processes that determine the identity and preferences of the customer and client, among others. Companies exploit these data in order to tailor-fit their products and services to the paying public. One of the great customer relationship management tools a company can have is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module. CRM modules are used in order to ease the burden on the management or firm to identify target markets, determine preferences, and even build trends among huge pools of personal data. Reviews of the best ERP software even include preferential targeting and personalized customer interaction.

Tracks, Analyzes, and Organizes Finances for the Company

When your company is sensitive to fluctuations in finances and market movements, the outright solution is to improve financial management and organization. Virtuzone Head of Finance Salman Khoja stated in his finance article that one mistake that startups make in operating their own business is being highly dependent on others in managing finances. He urged the company owners to have an oversight in terms of handling their finances so as to better understand how the firm’s money works. An ERP software provides just that. With an ERP software, a manager or an owner can understand how the money flows within and outside the company so he could effectively manage the money flow and create an effective strategy based on the derived data. With the use of a Finance and Accounting module, a company can effectively scale the firm without causing too much stress and confusion in its operations later on. The financial aspects of a company are among the many crucial information by the firm, so it is suggested that a firm, no matter how small or huge, should first use an ERP software for small businesses and scale up as the financial aspects of the company gets bigger.

Provides Holistic Compensation Data for HR Managers

One of the main problems faced by the Human Resources department of each company is the compensation equity of the company relative to competition, according to the OfficeTeam, a Robert Half company. In order to retain the best and brightest talents and human resources, a company should keep knowledge of the competitor’s offers that might cause your talents to look for greener pastures. ERP software can now help the department concerned to be able to determine the reasonable compensation that will retain the pool of talent that the firm has while maintaining its financial equilibrium. By giving data on the employee’s performance and the market’s prevailing prices, the firm will have the capacity to lure their top talent to stay longer and continue rendering service to the group. Likewise, the company will be able to maintain efficiency and productivity by pinpointing the lowest performer in a group. HR management software, especially the ERP modules on Human Resources, does this task along with other manual and ministerial functions, such as payroll generation and attendance tracking. A firm may try a free ERP software to test how this system or module really helps the HR department.

Helps in Alleviating Inventory Management Challenges

Inventory management problems, including a shortage of supply, happens all the time. Best Buy experienced it. Walmart has it. Nike has it. Major businesses experience this. However, the treatment of the same problem varies according to the capacity of the business and its size, among other key determinants. If left untreated, this may cause customer dissatisfaction which, according to study, will not make the customer or client make business with the firm again 91% of the time. New and small businesses may similarly be able to cope with this problem. With the use of ERP software, firms will directly or indirectly lighten their loads to solve their inventory problems. For instance, a company might be able to keep track of its daily transaction load and demand volume in order to anticipate future production. Software such as NetSuite ERP might be able to help with this. Intact, a more financially-inclined ERP software, can reduce manual works in number and figure generation so as to give managers the power to crunch the details more than they do before. By reading ERP software comparison online and by getting the best ERP software for your company, handling a daunting task of managing the logistics of the company will never be a hindrance towards being an efficient and productive manager.

Supply Chain Management Just Got Better

Issues hounding the movement of goods from the manufacturer to the distributors include resource availability, coping with complexity, pricing issues, etc. as stated in a study interview by executives representing 50 companies. These problems can be seen in almost all of the companies involving delivery of goods. ERP software systems can now be used in modern companies in order to deal with these problems. They can be used as a supply chain management software which may help the firm in inventory management, quality assurance, and even invoicing. These manual processes, when automated, will deal with the problems that plague the profitability of a supply chain system. For instance, when a company decides to use an ERP software module that helps in inventory management, these may help in balancing the supply and demand of a certain product being manufactured by a firm. Companies such as Toyota that practices just-in-time inventory, where a firm will effectively manage supply by not having any goods that are idle to stay in their warehouses, will benefit with these kinds of software systems or modules. Dealing with customer reworks and returns is also a problem, where a company will have to deal with the increasingly excessive production of low-quality goods that are below par per market standard. With ERP software, companies will have the privilege to know first hand if a good that will come out of the factories meets the quality standards of the firm, or if a vendor who handles the goods after manufacturing has a quality return rate. These are just among the many benefits that an ERP software can do to make sure that a product only produces profits for the company and not headaches. You may check the best ERP software reviews online to see how a supply chain module can do wonders for your company.

Deals with the Problems of Micromanagement Without the Repercussions

Added to all these features brought about by the ERP software is the added capability of the manager to oversee the whole organizational and business process without the problem brought about by micromanagement. A study in the US suggests that about 68% of those who have micromanagers feel that they have lower morale which, in turn, affects their overall productivity. Basically, the software allows managers to view the networks of related processes, possible bottlenecks and pain points that may be hurting the company financially. With the combination of several modules of ERP software, a manager can now determine if the sales department are not meeting their targets, or can now tell if the supply chain is keeping notes of the critical times when the company has to deliver. All this information is now available for the top managers without pressuring the middle and operations managers to produce reports that only induce pressure on the part of the latter. ERP software such as Exact Online JobBOSS provides the managers with holistic data from almost all department operations in a company – from job order creation and labor entry shipping to job scheduling. These vital processes then and now are critical to the profitability of a company. Top managers now have the capacity to handle these without causing unnecessary disruption in the daily business cycles of the firm.

ERP software companies are now at the forefront in transforming the competition of firms in this digital age. Sooner or later, the battle will be on who has the more efficient and more productive software to utilize.

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