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How to Pick the Right Project Management Software for Your Business

How to Pick the Right Project Management Software for Your Business

Modern companies make use of various software in the fulfillment of their goals, and the reviews of the best project management software are helpful tools in making them utilize the best software that suits their needs.  The digital age has made even the most complex and intricate projects highly achievable.  Companies and firms, no matter how small, are using advanced software to better cater to the needs and demands of their clients.

According to a paper published by the Management Study Guide, a project is any activity that is undertaken for the creation or building of a new or unique product or service.  The creation of a project is a gradual process, proceeding in careful steps until its completion.  Each phase of the project is given adequate and meticulous attention.  This is to prevent backlogs and to avoid the occurrence of irreversible errors when the project is deemed complete.

Using a Modern Software in Managing Projects

What is project management?  Project management is the process of conceptualizing, organizing, and monitoring a certain project for the purpose of achieving the company’s goals.  It usually involves the cooperation and collaboration of several personnel and departments.  Projects are usually a collaborative effort which makes the task of organizing and maintaining the production pace a big challenge.

A project typically involves a definite timeline, and a specific budget and allotment of capital, resources, and manpower.  Specific tools, mechanisms, and equipment are also assigned at the beginning of the project.  Another important characteristic that needs to be created at the onset of any project is the team that would handle all aspects of the production stage.

Planning the course of the project and the scheduling of activities to be undertaken per phase is usually done at the initial stage.  This also includes budgeting of capital and other resources.

Given all the considerations that need to be sorted out and prepared, the management of a project seem to be a daunting task.  However, the emergence of modern software that have gradually replaced the old, manual processes made project management highly convenient.  Even high scale and elaborate projects may now be undertaken with relative ease due to the presence of these digital tools.

What is project management software?   Project management software is used as a digital and automated aid in the conceptualizing, planning, resource allocation and monitoring of the entire project.  It is a comprehensive tool that covers all the aspects of a whole project.  Project managers also use it as a means of communicating the development of the project to all stakeholders by simply allowing them to gain access to the system.  It is a convenient and secure way of keeping track of the progress of every project.

Benefits of Having the Best Project Management Software

What are project management software used for?  Advanced software can technically perform numerous functions depending on the need or demands of a certain project.  Its primary functions however can be summarized into the following categories:

  1. Project planning. Every project starts out with a good plan.  A good project management software can be used as a means to convert and convey those ideas into more tangible and structured plans.  This then would serve as a guide and reference all throughout the project for the implementers and other stakeholders.
  1. Task and budget management. Since a team is made up of members each performing a set of distinct yet correlated functions, the software enables the project manager to keep track of each member and the progress of each assigned task.  Each member can have access to all the necessary information and project outline in the system so they can easily countercheck and validate their actions against the overall needs of the project.  Moreover, it allows them to easily communicate with other members of the team.
  1. Document collaboration. Document sharing and collaboration simply means that the working team has the capacity and authority to edit, update the status of reports, and verify the status and progress of their assigned tasks.
  1. Calendar and contact sharing. All scheduled activities, deadlines, and events must be loaded into the software so everyone can have access to it.  This would serve as a reminder about the specific timeframe and deadline for each task.
  1. Error management. Since not all plans are perfect, the best project management software can also keep track of errors and facilitates its reporting.  It also undertakes the notification of the said error or glitch for all affected members of the working team.  In this manner, any glitch in the system or in the plan is addressed promptly to avoid further damage and costly delays.
  1. Time tracking. As they say, time is money.  This saying especially rings true for company projects.  Any delay can mean thousands or millions are lost at the expense of the company.  Hence, it is imperative that all members are constantly made aware of the project timeframes to avoid any unnecessary delays. Reminders may also be set up within the system to ensure that important details are not forgotten or overlooked.  This also allows every stakeholder and every member of the working team to be constantly updated and aware of the pace and schedules of the project.

These are important aspects of any project that the best project management can effectively organize and monitor.  Having the best project management software can help the company have a more cost efficient implementation of any project.

Having the best project management software offers both tangible and intangible results.  Projects generally take a lot of time and money, but having these software will allow the company to oversee every aspect and phase of the project, as well as control specific functions and processes in a strategic manner.  While majority of the benefits of using project management software are easily seen and felt by the company, it also gives the company indirect or supplementary gains.  One of the benefits is the development of teamwork among all members of the working team.  Every member has to coordinate and collaborate with each other, and may also have the chance to encourage and guide members who may be lagging behind in their schedules.  Having the software may also encourage honesty and integrity in the performance of official functions since one key feature of these types of software is transparency.  All the aspects and its gradual development, including glitches and errors, are duly reported in the system and can be seen by everyone.

Certain Drawbacks from Using Project Management Software

While modern software technology has given its main users plenty of reasons to celebrate, there are still certain aspects that may be considered as disadvantages.  It is still important for companies to consider them before purchasing and deciding which project management software to use.

Some project management software can be very costly.  Even if these types of software can provide great solutions, it is best to check whether the software can run and address all the program requirements of the company without need of additional or supplementary software.  Some software may also be difficult to implement and may have very little return of investment for the company.

Complex project management software may also become more of a headache and a problem rather than a solution.  In choosing a software, it is imperative to pick one that is easily navigable and user-friendly.  Otherwise, the personnel using it may spend more time trying to understand it than in actually doing what is necessary for the completion of the project.  Putting all the relevant information and updates within the system should also be easy to do, even for the not-so-technically savvy personnel.  If the process is too complex, precious time is wasted which would be extremely detrimental to the overall completion of the project

Per its definition, a project management software is a tool.  It is designed to help and make the work of the project managers a whole lot easier.  It does not, however, replace human touch and intervention.

With all the software options available today, the first important thing to do is to check the scope of the requirements and specifications of the project before purchasing any software.  A careful evaluation must also be done on the advantages and disadvantages of the software and whether it will work with whatever existing programs that the company has. While this software can be a necessary and helpful tool especially for companies who are working on complex programs and product development, reviews of the best project management software can be a truly helpful and informative tool in ascertaining the benefits that can be gained from using a certain type of software. offers extensive and highly informative reviews on project management software.  Take the time to visit and check out the site anytime.

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