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What Is the Best Personal Trainer Software for Fitness Enthusiasts?

What Is the Best Personal Trainer Software for Fitness Enthusiasts

Online personal trainer software is a new fitness business. However, it is already getting attention from a number of fitness professionals. Even if this percentage is smaller compared to face-to-face training, more and more people are participating in social technologies that are health-related. This is mainly because there are a lot of internet users who tend to search online for information on fitness and exercise.

Many people nowadays are relying on fitness and health apps to achieve their fitness goals. On the other hand, personal trainers are now utilizing software tools to train clients and run their businesses. You can find different varieties of personal trainer software programs available online.

Proper coaching and mentoring are important because learning styles vary from person to person. A person can be visual, auditory, kinesthetic, logical, and social or a solitary learner. Their personality also plays an important role. It ultimately boils down to a person’s desire to learn. It will be impossible to teach a person who doesn’t want to learn and be taught.

Coaching is also a very crucial aspect of fitness programs.  You need a fitness coach that would give you tips and directions so that you’ll get amazing results to transform your life and bring huge success to your business.

To some people, most coaching seems like a scam. However, if you have ever done coaching before, you will know that it actually works. If you are a person who is looking to get better at something, then you are definitely coachable. Behind the success stories of millionaires and billionaires, there are always coaches or mentors guiding them. You always need someone to help you build your business.

When you reach a point where you feel like quitting, mentors and coaches are around to guide you and assert their opinion on what is needed to be done for you to get to the next level. Winning in fitness is a lot more fun. Would most professional sports athletes like soccer players, football and even golf professionals be making millions if they didn’t have a coach? It’s very doubtful for them to be able to reach professional leagues without the right mentors.

Ideally, if you had taken up a sport of some kind, there’s a huge chance that you sought advice from a professional. Sometimes you would invest a huge amount of money and you  still won’t be in the professional level. When you set out on a sport, you know that it is for fun. It’s not really going to be a career unless you get good at it.

People have different wants and needs. So how do you know what is the best personal trainer software for you? There are certain features that you might want to look at when choosing a software.

Choose a Software That Focuses on Your Strengths

When you compare different platform features, you should prioritize equipment preferences and training techniques that fit your lifestyle. There are different learning styles such as friendly competitions between an apparatus or training sessions in small groups. There are also audio podcasts and video demonstrations if you prefer these learning styles. However, there are certain metrics that need to be followed if your clients are international.

Build Clients

Building a client base can be challenging especially if your business is online. You don’t have a physical fitness center to tour new prospects. There are also no fitness directors who will schedule workouts or facilities to try. It can be difficult especially if you have not yet established an online business presence. Getting clients through internet marketing may seem difficult but it is not impossible.

To build online clientele, you can always do it offline or in person. Even internet-savvy people can greatly benefit from this even if it seems counterintuitive. A face-to-face encounter will help establish a real connection. It also helps ease concerns on training online. If you already have a client roster, it can be a good place to start. These clients will more likely be convinced since they are already familiar with your programming style and exercises.

Clients who are more independent with their routine or those who are open for hybrid workout sessions have a greater chance of success on training platforms online. However, those who enjoy training that are face-to-face will end up being the difficult ones to convince.

It is recommended that you recruit individuals who enjoy their own comfortable environment and those who are self-motivated. People who have control over their time and those with irregular schedules are the best targets. Your potential clients may not be tech-savvy. As long as they are familiar with simple Internet tools, they can be easily taught.

Messaging Features

Communication is the key to the success of most personal trainer software. An instant messaging feature helps maximize your communication with clients. Clients should be able to ask their concerns, questions, and inquiries in an easy way. Some web-based businesses incorporate this feature into Facebook messenger because it provides additional advantage to communicate more with clients.

It is important that you respond often to your client’s messages. The internet has made correspondence immediate, dynamic and effortless. If you respond slowly to clients, client engagement will be lowered.

Logging Appointments

An appointment log feature is a convenient tool to have for your personal trainer software. This is especially useful for those who are always on the go. You will be able to check your appointment schedule. In case of emergencies, you can easily cancel appointments and re-schedule.

Diet and Fitness Programs

A good fitness software should be equipped with workout routines and diet programs. Whether your clients are on mobile or desktop, it should show the available exercise and diet plans you have. This allows quicker client communication especially in instances where they have immediate questions. This is also useful when a client requests for a copy of their program.

Easy-To-Use Profile Management System

Every type of training software should have a client management system that’s easy to use. It should offer easy flow between client statistics and profiles. It should show invoicing programs, billing, payment history as well as attendance. Their workout and diet programs should be easily searched. Fitness enthusiasts look for a personal trainer software to track clients’ muscle gain, vital statistics and weight loss progress.

Compatibility With Your Mobile

You can make the most out of your personal training software if should be compatible with the platform you are using, be it an iOS or Android. If your software is web-based, you can open it on any browser that can also be accessed on your tablet or phone.

Testing the Software

Sometimes, webinar demonstrations and virtual tours won’t really highlight a program’s features. It is not enough for you to navigate the software. Online fitness programs are trainer-client-interaction-based. There are guest accounts and free trials that you can take advantage of. You may create dummy accounts so that you can have a feel of the training experience.

See how many “clicks” it will take you to do certain tasks. Check if workouts are easy to modify. Whether you are a fitness coach or a potential client, it is important that you check a software from both perspectives. It is also vital that you select an intuitive software that is not only effective but also has an appealing aesthetics. If you do not like the feel or appearance of a platform, you may find more excuses not to use it.

Software Costs

Most online personal training softwares are on a subscription basis. Payment depends upon your access to a number of software and the number of active clients monthly. There are also third-party expenses and setup fees. Most online software also integrate merchant accounts such as PayPal to facilitate their payments.

A merchant account is usually free to set up but there are extra processing fees that can be incurred for financial transactions. If you are a personal coach who considers uniform online aesthetics, you must also allot budget for hosting services and web design. An online personal trainer software always includes a profile page that is customizable with a bio, photos and your very own logo. This is critical if you want a professional-looking website that displays brand consistency.

Final Words

A personal training software for business offers fitness enthusiasts expansion of their services. Despite its gaining reputation, it does not intend to replace face-to-face trainings. It simply provides an option for clients who have different preferences. It is not enough to have a good and stable internet connection to be successful in this business; you need to consistently engage with your clients and establish a real connection.

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