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How to Keep Your Employees Motivated Through Time Tracking Software

How to Keep Your Employees Motivated Through Time Tracking Software

The use of time tracking software by companies will help them save time and resources as this will allow them to monitor the efficiency of their personnel by means of recording the tasks that they are doing on their computers. And besides it is time consuming if the employees are going to fill up their timesheets. With this software, they will find time tracking as a productive activity instead of treating it as a demanding chore that should be done.

However, it is a fact that when there are new ideas or changes that will be introduced, some employees will for sure resist it. So, in order to motivate the employees through the use of this software, the following are some guides to consider:

Explain the Benefit of Time Tracking

In order for the employees to be motivated in using employee time tracking app, the benefits of this should be fully explained. If they do not know the essence of why they are going to track their time, it might raise suspicion which will make them cheat in logging their time.

Be honest to your employees. After all, they are your helper in making your business successful. Without them, you will not be able to attain you vision and mission. In a business, clear communication will build trust which is a very important factor if you want the full cooperation of your employees. Sometimes, the productivity of the employee lies on the management practices of their bosses.

To help you with the benefits of the using time tracking tool, the following lists here are enumerated:

  1. It will provide you better task management. Due to different tasks that are lined up for the employees to finish in a certain period of time, there is a need for them to manage properly their time in doing every project. With time tracking spreadsheet, they will be able to do this. They will be able to know how long they are spending their time on each project. Not only that, they will also be able to determine which among their tasks is the most important so they will be handling their separate tasks easier.
  1. It will help in payroll. Using this software will not only tracks the time of employees, instead, they will be making timesheets which you can use as your basis in their payroll.
  1. It will help your employees focus. When your personnel can track their time, they can be focused on their tasks. They will have the idea on what task is to be prioritized and how long should they be doing that certain work.
  1. It will help the employees have a better workflow. With this benefit, you, as an employer, will be able to be understood what is going on in your company because you can track the process that they are doing. And also, you are going to be updated on which task your employee is currently doing.
  1. It will help trim costs. Most business owners are thinking of some ways on how to cut down their expenses or costs. As a business owner, when you are going to use Time Tracking Software, you are in another way lowering down your expenses. When your employees will use this software, they will be able to fasten their works because they themselves are monitoring their tasks and they can determine which work should be done first.
  1. It will help you to bill your client accurately. This benefit is most applicable when an employee is being paid based on the time that they have worked instead of project basis. Using this software will make it sure that you are not going to charge your clients with the wrong amount. If that will happen, your client will be disappointed and may destroy the relationship of your business and that of your client’s. Or if you are going to bill lower amount than what is supposed to be, you are losing money which will mean a waste of your time and effort.

With the best time tracking software, you can correct these mistakes.  One more thing, your client will surely appreciate it if your billing is accurate. They will also appreciate your honesty when every time you bill them with your services.

Explain the Guidelines Clearly and Help Every Employee with the Basic Set-up

In every business, time is a valuable. And because of this, using this software has become more in demand. By using the software, it can increase the production and profit of businesses because aside from the fact that your employee can determine which task is to prioritize, they will also be able to monitor the length of time that they are dealing on a certain job. Besides, tracking your employees’ time will give information that can be used to estimate the duration of the next task that will be assigned.

For the employees to realize the real essence of this tool, make sure that you have explained to them the rules and strategy of using it. You have to make sure that every personnel is being trained on how they are going to track their program, how they are going to present their timesheets, and how they are going to evaluate their own output. Employee time tracking software is somewhat complicated so it is good to prepare a guide for the employees to read it over and then you have to make sure that you are being updated on the improvements in the software. It could be better also if you are going to choose a tool that is simple and will not require the guidance of the expert. That is, if it will fit in your business.

Share the Reports on the Office TV

One factor for your team to build trust is by sharing with them the report produced by this software. If you have a projector, use it to present the tracking data of the team with the others. This way, you are encouraging other employees to do the same. But be sure not to put your employees on a shame if you are not satisfied with their record. In this way you will not lose their trust. You have to remember that once trust is broken, it can be hardly rebuild.

Follow-up and Ask for Feedback

Ask feedback from your employees. Make follow-ups with what they are doing. You need to get this information from them because your employees are the experts in your business. They know every details of it because they it is where they are working every day.

Make sure that your employees are adapting your time tracking system.  Try to pay attention to them if they have problems or concerns. Listen to them if they have suggestions. These feedbacks from them will be used to improve the system of your company. When they are comfortable with the time tracking system or if it is easy for them to use, they may be able to do the same habit or may think of some other way to improve.

When you listen to your employees, you are showing that their ideas and contributions are being valued by the company or by the management of the company. When you are going to analyze also the data from the hours time tracking, have your employees be involved in the process. With you and your employees, you can have the opportunity to realize things in different manners.

Offer Rewards for Accurate Tracking

For your employee to be more motivated in using time tracking excel, one powerful way is to modify their behavior by giving them rewards. By doing that, you are encouraging them to do the same in the future because they can feel the appreciation coming from the company.

One more thing, when employees will feel that their accomplishment is being rewarded, they will have more initiative to do their tasks in order for the company to be progressive. If the company does not have enough resources to give bonuses as their rewards, you can have other options such as giving them additional day offs or small gifts.

Another strategy that could be effective is by making time tracking like a competition. You may post their timesheets on a specific area where everyone can see. With this, others will become more discipline in tracking their time because they want to perform better than their colleagues.

With these benefits, when fully explained, your employees will understand that the reason why you are introducing to them this new software is not because of lack of trust. They will appreciate your motive which is to make the procedure of your company well-organized and easier for everyone.

For sure, other employees will be doubtful on this tool so reading time tracking software reviews can be of help, by then; someday they will become used to it and appreciate it. Until such time that they will see the fact that you are not trying to catch them wasting their time. Of course, this is for those who are really wasting their time during working hours. Once you have implemented this software, be very sure that all your personnel will know how to use it properly so that it will really serve its purpose.

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