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Why Time Management is a Key to a Productive Everyday Life

Why Time Management is a Key to a Productive Everyday Life

We struggle to make every single day a productive one. But what do you mean by being productive? Being productive means accomplishing a lot of goals set, solving a problem that might incur a greater challenge if left unresolved, or finishing tasks that seemed to be impossible to meet. Whatever productive means, it should always have one outcome and it should be having good results.

The questions lie now on how we can make our day productive. We should first set a deadline for each scheduled task, make sure that a time allotted to each task is followed consistently. It is also helpful to track time so that it would be easier to check on the progress of each task, read more about the Importance of time tracking.

In this world we live in, time ticks by so fast that we barely even notice sometimes we have spent too much time on something that is not productive. By tracking time, we will be able to spot immediately those idle hours that we have, and do something about it.

Free Online Time Tracking Tool

There are some people who want a time tracking software they can use for everyday life, which is powerful than a simple calendar and task reminder. So they look for something that can help them with their needs without paying so much. Most time tracking tools being sold in market are not free. Some offers a monthly fee for usage. Some has a 1-time payment scheme, and the prices vary depending on how powerful the time tacking software is. Simple ones normally cost cheaper than those with integrated systems. Some people make use of the free trials being offered by some vendors but the problem arises when they became dependent to it but still refuse to shell out money to buy it.

Good thing the Internet has a better solution. There are some time tracking software that offers free services online. The best feature about this is, it offers a powerful time tracking tool that is competitive to other paid time tracking software around the market for free. If you want to download a free time tracker, you can check out the lite version of time tracking tools of popular brands. You are allowed to download the lite version for free, but some functions of the tool are locked, which require you to pay to get the full version. But if the available free functions in the lite version are all you need, purchasing the full version is no longer necessary.

The following is a simple list of online time tracking software that offers completely free usage on some functionalities by simply visiting their website and signing up for an account. To have a full access of the software, you are required to upgrade to a premium account – for a cost, of course. .

  1. Toggl is a powerful online time tracking tool. It is very easy to use, too. All you need is to sign-up to their website for free and everything you need to be productive is there. It has reports to check on your progress and a real-time timer to track your work. It is mostly recommended to freelancers who are earning per hour, so they can monitor their total earnings on each project.

This also very useful for freelance project managers. It allows you to manage several clients and projects with daily and weekly reports to track on productivity. It has a mobile version so you can log in anytime and anywhere.  For more information and thorough review about Toggl, you can check this out.

  1. Time Clock Wizard is another powerful online time tracking tool. It allows you to create your own subdomain so you can have your own page for time tracking. It allows you to monitor not more than 3 people in your workforce for free so this is advisable to a small workforce. The more advance or professional function has a monthly fee, but the basic functions they are offering are enough if you only want a time tracker for a productive day.
  2. TimeCamp is the most basic time tracking tool that is free only for solo users. It is a personal time tracking software to see your personal accomplishment and goals. Not advisable if you are managing a team or working as a freelance accountant.
  3. AccountSight is a time tracking tool mostly for accountants. For the free account, it only allows one user, but you can manage up to two clients and projects with unlimited issuance of invoices. You can also try for free the paid functions for a limited time. This is good for accountants who manage only a few accounts.
  4. Rescue Time Lite can do basic time tracking and is also best for personal use. Rescue Time lite can set goals and track time online from a computer or a mobile device. It has a free weekly report evaluation; has and offers a history of reports for a limited time of 3 months. More on Rescue time and product reviews, check
  5. Timesheets is a free time tracking tool mostly used by freelancers who want to check and record their day and time. It’s like a modern version of a Bundy clock. But the free version can only accommodate one user. To be able to handle several people, it would ask you to upgrade to a premium account. A premium account can handle up to 500 users. Read more for full review of timesheet at
  6. Timely offers a free service for single user only. But it can allow you to manage a maximum of five projects. It also has timesheet capabilities simplified. This is good for freelance managers with several accounts for attendance purposes.
  7. ATracker Lite is an app only for apple phones. It is mostly used for personal purposes and time management. Its functions involve monitoring daily tasks and time tracking. This is good for simple and personal usage, and for scheduling events and meetings.
  8. BusyBusy allows free subscription for individual tracking. A good side about this tool is that it offers unlimited project management, photo documentation, offline mode, payroll reports, job costing, basic reporting and location reminders. It has the most function inclusions that are free. Reviews about the software here at
  9. Openhour has free 7 days for timesheet history, but it also has other inclusions for the free services such as document-level tracking suited for Adobe Creative Cloud, CS5 and CS6, Photoshop. It is also compatible with other software such as Microsoft Office, Apple Keynote, Numbers and Pages, and Google Calendar. Time tracking is fully automated and has cloud function and mobile integration system. Read more about product reviews here at

With the emergence of time tracking software and applications in the market, people are realizing the value of time and making the most out of it. It is also proven and tested that tracking time through time tracker tools is an essential part in managing your time. When you get to manage your time, you will see a huge difference on your everyday schedule. By managing time, you’ll be able to check on what are the things that need to improve on, the activities that get most of your time, and if these activities are found to be fruitful. Time management is also proven effective to those who work in a professional level, especially those who are having difficulty in juggling their time. In an article by Ed Brasher, there are some tips on what some of the effective methods in managing time are and how time trackers actually help in attaining this, you can check the article here.

Aside from time tracking tools, there is also a way on how you can optimize your time with email tools, according to an article by Keith Moore with the title, “How to Optimize Your Time Management Strategies With Email Tools”, tips are given on other ways on which you can effectively improve your time management. The summary of the article is about the increase of usage of mobile emails among users. Email is a perfect storage for to-do lists and other businessmatters since, according to the studies conducted, it is most likely that people open their email all the time, checking it and being reminded of their today’s schedule. Emails are considered to be a good back up for other important documents too that can be integrated to your time tracking tool. Best thing about emails is, it only requires minimal storage and data bandwidth and accessible almost everywhere.

Time management has really gone a long way, and good thing is a lot has been created that attributes to the continuous effort to save time and have a productive day. Time Management, whether with a use of a time tracking software or an email tool, will really result to a productive day if used wisely.

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