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What Is the Best PoS Software and How to Choose It?

What Is the Best PoS Software and How to Choose it

Managing a retail business using a cash register for your checkout process already works. But there is even a better solution to effectively manage and organize every aspect of running a retail business. Using a point of sale or a PoS software system can help from the smallest to the largest retail chains and even in managing multiple retail stores.

PoS systems help in every aspect of a retail business from the checkout process, inventory, sales, to marketing and distribution. It allows retail businesses automate the point of sale, improve the inventory tracking and enhance both employee and customer management for more efficient workflow and improved revenue.

Top Point of Sale Software Programs in the Market

Looking for the top point of sale software program reviews from current software users will also help you in choosing the best one. This will help you get ideas on how a software works based on various users’ perspective.

  1. Odoo Point of Sale: Top PoS Software Solution

Odoo is an easy-to-use point of sale software solution that allows you to set up in minutes and sell in just seconds. There is no installation or any specific hardware required. Odoo is compatible with any hardware and you can run it on any device, from industrial machines, desktop computers, to laptops and tablets.

Odoo has everything your retail store needs. It is based on a smart interface that can fit to whatever type of retail business needs. Odoo’s point of sale is reliable whether your system is online or offline. This allows you to easily and quickly set up stores using an internet connection. However, it can still stay operational offline after a complete internet disconnection.

With Odoo as your PoS software, you can easily get in touch with your customers and let them keep coming back with some loyalty programs. Rewarding loyal customers with points and discounts is made easier with Odoo. This process can be entirely automated, from allowing customers to register and keeping track of their buying habits to sending them special offers using Odoo Mailing.

Real-time control and accurate inventory forecasts are also made easier with Odoo. You get a fully integrated app for email marketing, inventory control, sales, and E-commerce to boost your online sales.

  1. IncoPOS: Quality but Affordable POS Software

IncoPOS is an affordable POS software program that also boasts its good quality that is ideal for all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. With its IncoCloud, the security of all your business data is guaranteed and makes the connection of several locations easier. IncoPOS is an ideal solution for restaurants to get sales in faster and make accurate inventories with its automatic production using recipes.

It has a powerful touch screen user interface and is easily configurable to create a convenient operation on terminals without the use of a keyboard. Odoo is a single product that helps in both front office and back office tasks. This includes allowing support for various receipt printers, fiscal devices, kitchen printers, and card readers.

IncoPOS can give you an excellent control over the access to the system. It has a password protected login functions and logins with the use of magnetic cards that allow the system to track who uses it at a certain time. Visible functions for some confidential data can also be established through its access restriction feature. This will increase your data security and protect it from unauthorized access.

With IncoPOS, you can manage all your retail business operation with a full range time-saving solution with much fewer data errors.

  1. GoFrugal Retail and Restaurant PoS Software

With GoFrugal retail and restaurant PoS software, you can accurately measure your business and grow continuously with its 100 percent automation in all your business transaction. From supermarkets, department stores, pharmacy, and healthcare, apparel, and footwear, electrical, fashion to any specialized retail, GoFrugal fits any size or type of retail business.

GoFrugal as a retail billing software is complete from the desktop PoS, PoS report App, supply chain solution, quicker and easier billing on tablets and mobile, and retail PoS on the cloud.

As a Restaurant PoS solution, GoFrugal has speed, efficiency, convenience, and predictability. It can function as a desktop PoS, supply chain software, customer feedback app, PoS report App, and an all access cloud-based PoS system for various devices from IOS to Android. GoFrugal can work on various type and size of a restaurant business, from food courts, bakeries, quick service restaurant, to managing large restaurants and bars.

  1. MultiFlex Fashion Solutions for Retail Business

MultiFlex Fashion is specifically designed to support specialized features for all apparel store businesses. It has style-based item features to help apparel stores track the colors and sizes to accurately keep records of all items. Multiflex Fashion also has a matrix feature to easily add new styles for any type of clothing and footwear. It provides a reliable, accurate and real-time data reporting.

Managing an online retail store is also made easier with MultiFlex Fashion. It automatically updates the inventory every purchase and checkout has been completed. It also helps create a lasting relationship with customers through its built-in CRM system. MultiFlex Fashion’s main features include inventory management, reporting management, payment processing, employee management, E-Commerce integration, and mobile device support.

  1. RICS Retail PoS System and Management Solution

Using RICS as a retail PoS system and management solution allows you to run the entire retail business operation using only a single system. This will also give you access to your system and to every aspect of your business, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With RICS, you can work in the cloud and avoid the regular costs and expenses of IT equipment and maintenance.

Cash register works, but RICS give you a fast, intuitive, and reliable retail technology for single store retailers, multi-store businesses, or even the large franchised operations. It is an easy to learn and use PoS solution that can easily build customer loyalty to increase sales. This includes access to customer information such as their purchase histories where you can also create customer comments and alerts.

RICS maximizes every sales opportunity, from selling in-store to online and from PoS to E-Commerce.

Must-Have Features to Look for in a PoS Software

In choosing the best software to use in managing your business, it is important to look for the features and functions a certain point of sale software can offer. Although every PoS software is designed specifically and has their own set of functions, they share the common features and functions for an effective PoS software system.

1. Reporting and Analytics. One of the main features to look for in a PoS software system is the sales reporting and analytics. This will allow you to automatically track what products are selling and how much profit a certain product is making. This information stored in the system will make it easier to analyze your business’ sales and create sales reports.

2. Customer Management. The capacity to provide an excellent customer service is essential in managing a business. The PoS solution can give you a customer management that will increase the number of your high-quality customers. A PoS software will allow you to collect data on the customer’s purchase history and determine loyal customers whom you can give special promotions and offers.

3. Employee Management. An excellent employee management is an essential component to having a well-run and successful retail business. Employee management capabilities in a PoS software includes scheduling and time clocking to keep track of the hours an employee is working.

4. Inventory Management. The point of sale software’s inventory management gives you access to the on-demand window of all your stocks. This helps eliminate the possibilities of inventory inefficiencies due to manual counting of your inventories.

5. The point of Sale. An effective checkout process is important in looking for the best PoS software. Although cash registers can already be effective, using a PoS software is still better. This will automate the checkout process, item lookup, and price calculation to prevent any possibilities of human error.

Tips in Choosing for the Best PoS Software Program

From the many points of sale solutions available in the market, choosing the best one for your business can be a little tricky especially if you are buying for the first time. Before buying a PoS program, it is important to identify what features and functions you need in a software. This will help you narrow down the list to the software systems that fits your needs. Although there can be some additional features a PoS system can offer, prioritize what you really need especially if you have a certain budget to consider.

For first time buyers of a point of sale software, doing a research about the market can be very helpful. Reading PoS software reviews like the best PoS software reviews will also help. This will give you some ideas on what the current users think about a certain software.

Software reviews can be a great help in choosing the ideal PoS software for you, however, it is better if you can try using the system by yourself. There are demos and free trials you can take advantages to test-drive the software to determine if it is the best PoS software for you.

Learn more about PoS or point of sale software and how it can help in managing and organizing your retail business at Read our reviews for more PoS software choices.

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