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How Can Time Tracking Software Increase Productivity?

One of the basic purposes of project management is to make it possible for a plan to be carried out so that its development is directed and controlled in a way to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. That can be also employed (or even fundamental) and applied to ensure the success in other spheres of life, both work and personal related.

How can it help?

The question is: how well can one do it? How much can one’s mind bear without having to spend time and energy that would be better put somewhere else? Have you ever stopped to think and write down your regular tasks? Try it now! Just list what you have done in the last few days in as much detail as possible. Doing so, you most likely have experienced one of the following situations:

  • Forgot something entirely
  • Had trouble remembering how much time has been devoted to each activity
  • Wittingly or unwittingly overstated the actual working time.

These are the basic reasons why resorting to technology can be beneficial to one’s overall productivity. Software helps to keep track of the use of time, which is essential for an optimized development of projects and businesses in general.

A good time tracking and productivity software will never forget. It will always know the exact amount of tracked time and will never lie and will provide accurate information on what and how time has been invested. There are other features to be considered though. One may need reports, bills or support for team management. It is a matter of finding the most suitable one for each freelancer or team.

The idea of having to enter data and preparing the system so it can track time in detail can at times be discouraging, though. Nevertheless, it soon proves to be worthy considering the significant amount of time and energy it can save.

What to consider?

When shopping around for a time tracking software:

  • Pick a cloud based software
  • Make sure it can be accessed via mobile apps
  • Favor those that can accommodate multiple users in one account

Time tracking allows not only for work to be reported and billed in detail, it also provides accurate and valuable information about how time has been spent. For freelancers it helps to see how worthy it is to accept a certain kind of job and for teams it provides data on the performance of each member so that tasks can be distributed among the team according to what each member does better.

It is a matter of trying out until you find the one that suits your and you team better. Give time tracking a try! Good luck.

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