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A Guide to Hire Android App Developers!

With increasing demand for smartphones, there is a huge demand for mobile app development worldwide. Due to technological progression and development, mobile applications have become a must for each business. If you have a brilliant idea which you want to monetize through an app, you might be seeking a skilled Android developer. Before selecting an Android app developer for your app development, you must look out for few of the must have skills in the developers.

A Guide to Hire Android App Developers!

Hiring Android app developer is employing the best-qualified candidate for your mobile application development. It is helpful to know what goes into Android mobile app development and what skills and technologies are required so that you know what to ask for, and whom to hire. In this competitive market, it becomes extremely difficult and challenging to hire a perfect mobile app developer.

Android is an open source OS for mobile phones, which has evolved enormously over time. The number of Android users crossed the 1.5 billion user mark in 2016. In 2016, Android alone accounted for about 85% of all smartphone sales to end users worldwide. There are over 4000 different Android devices and more than 400 Android device manufacturers. All these numbers indicate the existence of a massive user base for Android applications. Hence hiring Android app developers have become crucial for an enterprise planning to build an Android mobile app. The use of latest app trends will help developers perform well and give your app much need uniqueness. Mobile applications enable businesses to enhance their productivity. Mobile app development is not an easy task and requires a lot of research. Today mobile app development services are provided by several companies, but only a few have the potential to change your imagination into reality. Below are some of the important points for you to consider while hiring mobile app developers:

  1. Business understanding: You would always like to hire a developer who is interested in knowing your business objective, insights about the industry and customers you are working with. Hence, give some time in hiring until the time you find the right developer who spends time in understanding the business goals. If the Android developer is aware of your business goals, it will help him to stay focused throughout the development cycle. Developing an application is not limited to the coding capabilities; the Android developer should be well-versed with the concept associated with the business.
  2. The experience of the developer: To hire a proficient Android app developer, the important thing to consider is his experience and the previous projects he has worked on. Finding the right developer for your company is a tedious job. The apps developed by him should be easy to navigate, should look clean and should use all the latest tools and technologies. Hire Android app developer who is well-versed in developing various kinds of Android apps for most of the platforms.
  3. Identify the project need: The purpose for which you want to hire a developer should be kept in mind. Different business has different needs for developing a mobile app like some may need it for branding; some may need it for customer engagement while others would look towards revenue generation. Hence, you should do a proper research and hire an Android developer with the right skillset.
  4. Quality Focused: Hire expert Android app developers capable of developing the best-quality apps in line with the client requirements. Companies value high-quality code as this is a key factor in the success of a great app with a great UX. The hired Android app developer should have proven expertise in delivering a world-class feature-rich app that functions flawlessly and helps clients considerably. Only experts can finish the work easily and quickly with minimal efforts and with good quality.
  5. Cost-effective prices: Hire Android app developers who are capable of delivering mobile app solutions with quick turnaround time strictly following project timelines. Many companies look for low rates, but it does not work in the long-run. Hire Android app developers to yield quality results at reasonable prices, as it is the key factor driving the growth of your business. They can be hired from app development companies, as they provide developers at a competitive cost, delivering the best quality works in the industry.
  6. Go with coding standards: Each developer has his style of writing code. Developers can write the same program with 10 lines of code or with 3 lines of code. Prefer code that looks clean and which strictly follow the coding standards. Overall the code should be structured, clean, and consistent with basic guidelines and comments and above all should be reusable.
  7. Sound knowledge of open source platform: Android is an open source platform, and Android developers should have a sound knowledge of these open source platforms and the widely used tools. So, one should look for developers who are familiar with the emerging open source libraries. Besides developers need a high level of expertise as Android smartphones come with different screen size, pixel densities, and resolutions.
  8. Effective Communication: During the development process, it is important for your Android developer to stay in touch with you and give you status updates. In an agile mobile app development process, open communication builds transparency in the process, yielding better results.

Professional Android developers can turn your dream into a reality changing both the lives of the clients and the mobile app industry. By adhering to the above guidelines for hiring Android app developers, you can rest assured that you will have a technically competent Android application. The interest in mobile development on Android shows an upward trend – owing to good returns and huge download figures. Thus, having an Android mobile app for any business is a golden opportunity to tap into the revenue streams. Make the most of Android apps- developed by reliable Android app developers and maximize your reach to your customers. However, it is worth spending this initial time to ensure your fantastic idea is crafted by the right team as it saves your time and money in the long-run – also comprehend your needs and develop your desired app!

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