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6 Things To Consider Before Building A Mobile App For Your Startup

Smartphones are taking over our lives today. The world is getting truly connected through mobile phones especially due to the presence of the apps in it. The increase in mobile usage soars the business opportunities for the novice entrepreneurs. Thus, the entrepreneurs are actively looking for developers to bring their app idea into life.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs, who look for a problem in daily lives and want to build a mobile app to solve the problem, here is what you need to consider as a startup for the mobile app development. Below is a list of six important questions for you to ponder on for executing a successful mobile app.

1. What should you try for your first app?

There are two types of startups: 1) Mobile app startup 2) Service and product based startup. Other than this, there are two different situations of a startup app development. Either, you already have a startup and planning to develop a mobile app or you want to embark a startup through a great mobile app idea. This point is for entrepreneurs who want to build an app but don’t have an app idea.

Mobile App Idea

Let’s assume that you want to solve a specific problem that you have noticed in your daily life. Because almost every app you look around has been created to solve a specific problem through a product or a service. Hence, get an idea or a specific problem that can be solved by your app. If you don’t come up with any app idea, think of things that you have done on your laptop or phone. Think of a problem or difficulty that an app can solve or make it easier.

2. How do you prevent your app idea from getting nicked?

In the world of technology today, where mobile app plays the most important role there are chances of easily getting stolen off your idea. Many entrepreneurs have learned the hard way of preventing the app idea. However, you can learn the easiest way to protecting the app idea from getting stolen. Since you have a great app idea, it’s your responsibility to keep it a secret and keep the idea protected before its launching period. For start working on your project, you will discuss the idea with the designers, developers, project managers or the business development executives. Hence, in order to protect your intellectual property from getting nicked, you can always ask them to sign the Non- Disclosure Agreement.

3. Which is the most suitable app platform to target first for your StartUp?

Basically, the more platforms you focus, the more customers you get. Being a startup, you might want to go for a single platform at first. But, you have to choose the right platform to target the right audience. It completely depends on the type of app you are going to develop. For example, if you have a consumer-facing startup, you must target the apple users first. iOS users would tend to match the key demographics needed for early-stage ventures.

On the other hand, if your app is a comparison to an existing app, go along with Google Play Store. It has been seen that most of the developers prefer to build an Android app. Because android apps have less to no restrictions in developing an app comparison to iOS app. One more fact is iOS apps are faster to build than the Android app. So, what you need to do is check the app priorities or better you take an expert advice in order to choose a platform.

4. What makes your app different from your competitors?

Whatever your app may be, one thing you must pay attention to, i.e., what your users want. There are chances that some other entrepreneur has already provided an app solving the similar problem. In fact, there are millions of different types of apps in the mobile market and your app will compete against them. You may find difficulty in staying in the market for a longer period of time. Therefore, you have to analyze what are the right features that can prove that your app is useful for the target users. You can also go for an MVP. An MVP will help you in preventing the increase of costs as you will be providing the core features only. To know what is an MVP and how does this work, read an article on MVP here – Planning a startup? Not focusing on your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) can kill it.

5. What are the parameters for deciding the price of your app?

There are the two most important factors of mobile app development that decide your cost. The first factor is, who are your developers (freelancer or dedicated developers) and the other factor is what are the features that you are including in the app. This will help you determine the cost of your app. Discuss with your developers. They will apprise you on how much time and cost your app will take.

mobile app

Apart from the features, which platform you are targeting to develop your app is another factor that takes an important role to decide the cost. For example, if you are building the app on multiple platforms, you will have to decide whether you will develop it on the native platform or cross-platform. Read an article here that will help you decide whether to go for native apps or hybrid apps. For a newly established company, a brilliant app with better and bigger ideas can easily cost a huge amount of money.

6. What should you consider for the app development, a freelancer or an agency?

This decision is highly depending upon the cost and risk. Suppose, you have an app to which you just want to add a few more features or need to make some tweaks, preferring freelancer is good to go. Though you are a startup and starting from the scratch, better choose an agency to develop the app. They will be taking care of your project from beginning to the end. There is one more option for you and that is more preferable. Hire a dedicated developer from an agency, who will meet your app requirements as well as deadline.


In mobile space, startups are under intense pressure to match the existing apps and to maintain the competitive presence. So, it’s natural that you would want your app to be the best among the other existing apps. Therefore, consider the above points and think what your app need. Hence, you will build a successful app and make your customer want to use your app.

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