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Top 3 Criteria Employers Look for When Hiring Android App Development Companies

Top 3 Criteria Employers Look for When Hiring Android App Development CompaniesWith all the advancements that have been going on in this particular kind of discipline, perhaps it is safe to say that it is a great time to be part of an Android app development company. As technology is evolving and becoming all the more exciting, new devices and gadgets are popping up out of nowhere and there is a huge need for developers. With millions of users all over the globe, the potential for profitable employments seems endless.

Working for top Android app development companies can prove to be rewarding. Although quite challenging at first, there have been a lot of stories about developers who have turned their own codes into gold but what does it really take to become a successful app developer?

The truth is that, getting started as an app developer for Android is just like beginning on other entry-level job as a programmer. What is it that employers want from Android application development service companies? How can one start going down this path?

Required Skills

Maybe “required” is not really the word to use for this category. Listed below is a list of a few of the generalized qualifications that employers need to look out for when hiring Android app developers. Although some run into various other demands, this lineup is considerably a great starting point.

1. Technical Skills


First and foremost, to be part of the top Android app development companies, you need to be acquainted and comfortable with Java. While there are other technologies which may be used to develop Android apps, employers often look for those who know how to operate native languages like Eclipse, Android Studio, or Java as an IDE.

What does being comfortable with using Java really mean? You are not required to be informed of all the updates in the latest version, but a well-rounded knowledge when it comes to programming structures and basic syntaxes is a must. Things like control structures, loops, lists, variables, and inheritance should be known to you.

Android SDK

As the Android SDK is one of the foundations of app building, employers are looking out for developers who have a know-how when it comes to the most basic concepts like user input, activities and its life cycle, views and layouts, storing data, acquiring data from the web, Adapters, Collection views, accommodating various densities and screen sizes, and the Action Bar.

Undoubtedly, you will be asked to try out and experiment on new things. This means that you have to be agreeable to using resources such as Treehouse and Android documentation in order to begin with SDKs. It goes without saying, therefore, that developers should also be competent with debuggers in the IDE for troubleshooting purposes.


Although this certain skill is seldom required, but if you are working with a team or on your own, you will have to use some kind of version control system for your app. Top Android app development companies do not need experts to manage merge conflicts, but it is necessary for developers to understand the nitty-gritty when it comes to using and creating a repository, as well as pushing and committing changes.

Back-end Skills

There will be times when Android developers will be asked to contribute to the back-end of the system. As these kinds of technologies widely vary (NodeJS, Django, Rails), this one will seem to be a harder skill set to master, especially for beginners.

However, you should not let this piece of information discourage you. Instead, use it as a motivation to brush up or learn these back-end skills. Remember that most programming concepts translate easily, so it is just a matter of being familiar with the syntax of a particular language or architecture of a system. You do not really need to dive deep into them. Just be comfortable with modifying existing APIs so you can easily work on changes for the app which you are building.

2. Non-Technical Skills

While it is easy to pay attention to the technical skills that an Android application development service requires, the non-technical skills should never be underscored. Many candidates often end up not getting the job because they are well-versed with programming but lack the essentials of collaborating with their team and communicating.


Almost always, job postings would contain this word, as in “looking for motivated, passionate” employees, but what does it mean? As an applicant app developer, how can you convey this when you are being interviewed?

Top Android app development companies look for people who believe in what they are doing so that it can translate to excellence. Show the employer that you want the job by researching about the company and do not hesitate to ask questions.

Communication and Collaboration

In many reviews of Android app development companies, it is emphasized that the ability to work with a team is vitally important. Even though you are the only one working on a specific product, collaboration with other people is needed – management, designers, and even users. Do not be afraid to share your work with others, while at the same time inviting discussion and feedback.


This aspect most often goes hand in hand with collaboration and communication, although there are times when it appears solo in job postings. For this reason alone, it should be discussed as a standalone requirement. For a platform that spans across the globe, writing is taking on a huge role in Android development, so it is important that you know how to use written text communication. As a developer, you will be expected to list and write down things involved in summarization of your creation and technical documentation for non-technical members of the workforce, regular communications through email and chat, and user text within and for the app.

3. Other Common Requirements

A Published App

The fastest way that you can show an Android application development service that you are capable of doing what the job requires is to have an app with your own name as the creator. Employers sometimes look through Google Play and expect to see applications which you have already mastered working on. It does not need to be wildly successful or fancy, a simple published app on Google Play is already enough to demonstrate your own baseline knowledge about Android’s development cycle.

A College Degree

Although many employers require developers to have a degree, this is one thing that you can absolutely challenge. Over the years, the tech industry has become a leader when it comes to hiring individuals based solely on what they can do. This means that if you apply for a developer job which needs you to have a degree and you are not armed with one, show them that you have a lot of real experience which can be translated to skills that a piece of paper cannot provide.

What can you expect to earn?

Generally, this will be a hard question to answer as top Android app development companies have different rates, depending on the kinds of job that you will be assigned with. As one might already expect, this will differ from country to country, city to city, and job to job. Roughly, a full time Android developer can expect to earn $100,000 to $150,000 in one year.

Hiring a reliable Android app developer is easier on paper than in real life. There are thousands of skilled individuals out there, so if you think that hiring the best person or persons is going to be an easy process, then you are wrong. Luckily, the guidelines mentioned above can significantly narrow your search. The most obvious pointer is to look for someone who walks the talk when it comes to Android app development. You will be caught off guard when you find out the number of professionals which slap their occupation with a fancy developer title but upon inspection only know nothing about what it takes to create an app. Take some time to strain out which ones know what is written on their resume from those who are in it for the title only. In today’s age of mobility, you certainly cannot afford to waste your time on people who cannot deliver what you want. Be sure to get your message across and to communicate what your vision is.

Ideally, it is good to do business with people who already have a proven track record and those who have been in operation for quite some time. This will guarantee you that they can offer you with a competent team of developers who will not only get things done, but also in a manner that exudes excellence and quality. If you want an app which functions according to its purpose, going for a skilled developer is necessary.

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