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How Does Mobile App Development for Startups Work

In the tech world today, the mobile application seems to be all rage now. Every company including SMEs and MNCs are building apps. Because a mobile app is the most intimate way to reach a large number of customers. The reason is every person out there are using smartphones and mobile apps in it. Thus, almost every newer startup building them too.

Are you one of those startups looking to develop a mobile app for your business? You don’t necessarily have to be a developer. Because you will be doing much more than the coding of an app such as product validation, marketing, retention, customer service, engagement, accounting, managing finances, etc.

However, being a tyro, you may end up squandering time as well as money on finding out where to start, when it’s about mobile app development. So, why not read this article which briefly sheds light on how mobile app development for startup works.

How does it work?


Building a mobile app for your startup is not easy, but it’s exciting. Especially when you understand how the process works. The following overview outlines the steps your developer will take in the development of the application and help you abreast of what happens at key stages.

  • Idea

Startup Application

They set up a meeting with the clients to discuss the mobile app idea and requirements.

  • Evaluate

The core team members of that agency will evaluate on the app idea and may provide feedback. Afterward, their core team  members from the creative and  technical department will assist in shaping the app concept.

  • Kickstart

Subsequently, the designers and developers will start working on the concept to make it a reality.


As we have discussed above in the introduction, a mobile app is the most effective way to reach the targeted customers, if done in a proper way, Startups can climb up in the mobile market. A startup can reach a great part of the potential market by investing in the app development. In fact, mobile app development is a much easier way to keep track on your company vision. This will help you execute every requisite successfully.

  • Raising awareness

No matter under which category the startup comes; whether it’s a small business, lifestyle, scalable, large company, buyable or a social startup, a mobile app helps in raising awareness of the service provided by the respective startup.

  • First impression is the last impression

App Development for StartupsYou won half the battle if the user installs your app in the first look. It’s very important thus to make the look of your app attractive. Additionally, it has to be interactive enough to engage your users with the app as the active users. And, this is not only for startup apps but for any app in order to sustain for long.

Therefore, make sure that you choose the right app developer for your app development.

You could hire a dedicated developer for your project

Though you are a startup and would focus on getting the business off the ground, look for a development team that has experience in developing excellent apps. But, there is one more option that you could go for and that is hiring a dedicated developer.

Whether you need an iOS-dedicated developer or an Android dedicated developer, you can avail them from an app development company. For example, at Riktam, you can look for a dedicated developer who has experience in working with first-time non-technical entrepreneurs.

So, whether you are an existing startup or a new startup,  getting in touch with an experienced mobile app development company or an expert developer to discuss the app idea and build it as a successful app. But, make sure that you know when you need a dedicated developer for your mobile app development.

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