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Content Is King Only When You Implement It Right!

Ever had a chance to see a blog post or Slideshare that is amazing to read but still having a handful of shares, tweets, follows, comments, likes, or favorites? In fact, you had created similar informative content and only found disappointment, just because there was something still lacking.

Do not be discouraged, since it is not the content that really sucks. You or your content marketing services provider has created an amazing piece of content using some best resources. Neither the topic is wrong, nor is it even about the actual piece of content. There is something else not going right, and holding back your content from gaining reach.

Whenever you write detailed content, it can be a hit or miss, depending on the subject under scrutiny, and the way it is targeted towards audience for gaining traction. If your content goes unnoticed, in spite of having a great piece of information, there is absolutely no use.

Still, have doubts on where your content lacks. Let us elaborate in more details.

  • Everything Around You Is Content

content is everywhere


Since everybody has gauged the potential of overpowering content, everyone wants to be in that space, creating and promoting their content as much possible.

It has all become a numbers game since you need to answer questions like

  • How much content to create every day?

  • How much content to create every week?

With thousands of similar blog posts getting published every day, it is very difficult to outshine others while getting to the top. In fact, what everybody talks about round the clock is just content and nothing else. The whole idea has been promoted so extensively that if you are not able to float across your content effectively, you are doomed.

  • You Are Not Aware Of The Distribution Channels

You are not aware of the distribution channels

Many times businesses are aware of the importance of promoting content. However, where they lack is the understanding of right distribution channels. Even more importantly, it is about quickly distributing your content before anybody else does.

There are no shortcuts or tricks to easy wins. You need to go through a roller coaster of building relationships through guest blogging, getting in touch with influencers, and so on. Try to deliver value to the audience, and have a slow and steady relationship built with them.

How To Go About?

content marketing strategy

Relationships are the backbone of every single business. It might be awkward to start approaching people blindly for building relationships. However, that is how it all starts. The one thing that should be taken care of is to start with approaching people with a larger following or subscriber base. You will surely not see subscribers subscribing to you in just a matter of minutes, as it will take some time to reach a certain level. Still, it is a good way to kick start things off.

Now once you have got the content in place, it is time now to syndicate the same through various distribution channels, with a larger audience base. Submit it to Reddit, HackerNews,, and much more, to start gaining traction for your content. Ensure to choose most popular content distribution channels to float across your content effectively. Ensure that every single time the distribution channels you choose are different from previous ones.

Step By Step Approach

  • Determine the mission statement of content marketing, which in turn supports the vision behind your brand. Additionally, define who you are catering to, what will interest them, and how to deliver value.

  • After then, pick a domain URL that defines your business. You can have two types of content on your domain: on-domain content surrounding topics related to your industry and off-domain content surrounding technology topics showcasing your creative writing.

  • Now think about what content marketing components should be included such as categories of a topic you need to cover, articles that are selling like hot cakes, and heavy use of imagery as well as other multimedia components to support your content. Social sharing options and call to actions be present at relevant places for a clear view.

  • Allow users to subscribe to your content so that you have got their email addresses for sending interesting content in future, or sending notifications related to your products or services.

  • Constantly publish new content so that people are not bored of looking at your site every now and then with new fresh content in place.

  • Do constant measuring by keeping track of analytics, as to what content is gaining traction and what is not. Have all the statistical figures in places such as contact form submissions, a total number of subscribers, time spent on site, number of comments, total number of social shares, page views, visitor views, and more.

The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of Elsner Technologies, a global IT consulting firm offers content marketing services, professional seo servicesMagento development and delivering IT solutions on Web, Mobile and Cloud. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT.

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