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6 Killer SEO Strategies For a Multi-Location Businesses

Brands targeting multiple geographical locations are always fuzzy about how to do it online, marketing their stuff on Google, and seen by people across regions. Especially, when today things have become quite tricky with search engine optimization, the companies specializing in SEO services are always on a lookout for strategies that work the best in getting ranks higher on Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), with specific locations into play.

The unique challenge associated with such kind of digital marketing is no matter what location a consumer belongs to, when he (she) makes a search on Google using keywords resembling your products or services, your website should be highlighted on top, or probably one of the top results on Google. When this happens for multiple locations, you have done your job.

Herein, the role of Local SEO comes into play wherein individual locations are laser targeted by means of introducing location details in Google, or in the URL itself. Say for example Seo Services USA, based in Chicago Seo service company, adopted the Local SEO strategy to be seen in global locations, by having location-based website pages of its own, or through the franchises all across the globe. See below for what we are talking about:


This is the power of Local SEO wherein you rank prominently higher for hyper-local search terms, getting you an edge in local directories like Yelp, Insider Pages, etc. This brings us to our main discussion wherein we will be seeing strategies to have multiple location websites rank higher on Google and other search engines when a location based search is conducted:

1. Geo-specific optimization through a Geo-modified URL

This is what we just discussed above. Getting your locations or franchises to have separate websites, or mere landing pages by buying domain names, allow you to have more visibility for many different global locations. This way instead of focusing on a primary domain name, you have multiple supporting domain names helping your business grow.

2. Discoverability factor for location-based websites and pages

Ensure that every single location has a strong presence on a page or website since by simply mentioning them on your main website won’t work. If Google has nothing to index, the location based searching will not be able to rank your business higher for keywords containing different locations.

3. Ensure detailed information on sub domains

If the location specific pages or websites do not have a right amount of information such as keywords, opening hours, address, phone number, official email id, local time, map, and more, the users won’t be able to feel confident regarding contacting your business. Hence, do insert all the information helping them to make a decision.

4. Quality should not suffer keeping consistency intact

If the landing pages or websites are not well built, with poor optimization not leading to visibility, over optimization resulting in spamming, the same type of location pages, rubbish content, technically weak in terms of appearance and performance, not responsive on Smartphone, then they are surely going to perish.

5. Avoid from getting penalized by Google

Same content, elements, components, multimedia, themes, plugins, and more result in your one or more location based sites getting penalized by Google, resulting in lowering your brand image in front of search engines.

6. Google My Business is still the thing

If you have missed out on this, you have missed a lot. Setting up an account in Google My Business is absolutely vital for getting yourself in front of other Google products like Google Plus, Maps, and Search. With a clear set of guidelines followed with seriousness, you are bound to be considered by Google for featuring on the local search pages. Accumulate reviews and ratings in the form of snippets in your favor, so as to get highlighted among thousand other competitors.

Winding up things

Local directories, as well as subdirectories, are not considered seriously by many businesses and marketers. However, the potential of Local Search SEO cannot be neglected, especially when given thumbs-up from Google. With so many locations available globally, if you can put together a magnitude of location based pages or sites, and enable them to rank higher on Search Engines, you are surely increasing your visibility to a great extent.

If you start getting seen on top of Google for local search keywords or phrases, you are surely increasing the leads and conversions, whether in the form of online visits, or physical store visits. You can surely centralize your efforts by directing people to subdomains through the main domain while focusing on the SEO of main domain. This way you can cut down on efforts, time, and money, but visibility will get limited. By decentralizing the same through the emphasis on every single subdomain SEO, you might invite extensive time, money, and efforts investment, but you surely will see astoundingly consistent results in long run.

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Garret David is a digital marketing expert and writer at SEO Services USA, possesses a wide skill set for digital marketing, content marketing, branding and local marketing. he is also quite active on social networking sites and loves to connect with different people from various industries.

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